How to make a Briefing for web or app design?

Oliver - Updated on May 4, 2020

If you need to design a website or develop a mobile application, you will need to create a briefing to estimate the costs of development. In this article we explain how to do a web and app design briefing. All the details below are necessary for a web design company or freelancer to estimate a cost and delivery time for your web project.

Briefing web design

1. Description of the web design or app development

We start with our briefing by creating a general description of the project, the purpose at this point is to know for whom the web design is intended, a person, a company, an organization... a group of investors.

We recommend getting to the point and summarizing it in no more than 4 or 5 lines.

2. People involved in the project

Here, the contact information of the people involved in the development process as well as their departments to which each member belongs is collected.

3. Target audience

In this section, we will inform the target audience to which the website or mobile application will be directed.

The purpose is to collect all possible data to present a design in accordance with the target audience. For example, the design of a website for children would have a different web design and colors than one for another age range.

4. What do we want to sell?

We will then make a breakdown of the products or services offered by our website or mobile application. It is important to break down the amount of products to be included in the website or services we want to offer.

In the event that our website does not sell products or services, we will make an analysis of what we want to express on the website, such as a blog of vegetarian recipes.

5. Objective competition analysis

Analysis of the main competitors. In this section, the client gives us information about the direct competition to be overcome. For example, our client has a shoe store in his town, and he has realized that the only competition is selling online, which has decreased his profits. In this case, he details with a link to the website of the direct competition the objective in the short and medium term.

6. References of web designs and similar applications

This is one of the most important sections. In order to know the design that the client wants to make, he sends us links to other websites in the sector that he likes the design. Based on this design, we make several design proposals.

7. Available budget

It is very important to define a budget and to expose it openly. Just as we do when we go to buy a car or a mobile phone, it is useful to give a personalized solution according to the type of project to be developed.

For example, if we want a simple corporate website, it can be made based on a template with a Web design expert with WordPress In the second point, you will have a graphic designer for your images, logo, banners... a content expert to develop your texts efficiently, translators, technicians in web optimization for SEO positioning and loading speed... among many others.

As you can see, it is the same project but with two very different budgets, both in terms of work time and costs.

In addition, we can save you a lot of time in negotiations and finding the perfect team for your web design. 

8. Purpose of our website or app 

It is the main engine by which we launched to develop the website, what do we want to achieve with our website?

Some of the main objectives in our Briefing would be: 
- Sell products: classic online shops such as shoe shops, electronics, toys...
- Unit sale: if you sell a book, course or specific service.
- Create community: this is the case of web development for marketplaces, where you create a record on a specific topic for users to register. The purpose of selling in this type of project is long term, selling better positions or advertising on your website.
- Get potential customers or accumulation of leads: it is achieved in blogs with many users, where we will have our registration newsletters to send email advertising, specific products or marketing campaigns.

Any idea that motivates us to launch carries with it a goal, which can evolve over time, what is yours?

9. Map of the site

Another key point that we will need to specify a budget for your website or application is the sections that make up your website or the buttons that your app will have.

Examples on a corporate website:
- Home: a banner will be displayed with brief information about the services and the latest articles published in our blog.
- About us: The mission and general vision of our website
- Services: can be composed of one or more sub-sections (which will adjust the budget according to the service pages to be created).
- Blog: Publication of articles that will be organized by date and category.
- Contact: contact information, google maps and personalized form to collect information from potential customers for our company.

It is important, to carry out a previous study of the sections that will form our web page.

10. Extra functions: languages, online chat, subscription newsletter

In addition, we will define some functions that we consider important to include in our website or mobile app.

We can carry out a study through the Internet, analyzing the companies in our sector and the functions that can improve the usability of our clients.

11. Delivery times

Delivery time and project start date. Sometimes, we need a personal website to make a presentation that we have the following week, in that case, we adjust ourselves in a personalized way to each project, increasing more or less resources according to what is needed to finish on time.

12. Graphic design and contents

Do you need a graphic designer, create the images, logo and banners of your website in a professional way.

You need us to create the contents of your website, an expert content writer will create the texts.

If you need to save costs, you can prepare all the images and text on your website yourself.

13. Functions

In this section we will describe the functions you need in your website. Be clear in this section, it is the point that can increase the costs depending on the type of function development to be implemented in your website or mobile application.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you don't know how to explain it you can put examples from other websites or applications.

Some examples to which we have added specific functions:

  • A website for a law firm: with an internal intranet for clients to upload PDF files individually.
  • In an online store: 360 degree product image integration.
  • On a corporate website: translations by artificial intelligence using Google Translate API
  • At online retailers: Reminder of abandoned trolley for customers.

The limit is set by you, in our design agency App Design, we have no limits when it comes to developing functions or creating custom developments.

14. Technology we will use

Costs also depend on the technology we use, so if you have in mind any programming system, let us know. Among many we use WordPress for websites and stores, PrestaShop for online stores, React for custom development, Laravel for control panels, Swift and Android Studio to develop native applications among many others.

If you are not sure, get in the hands of a professional and let us advise you.

15. Hosting Services

We have experts in servers for our websites and applications. Let us know if you have hosting or want to improve the one you have, we make offers for all our initial projects in which we include installation and configuration of fast loading and SSL certificate.

16. Domains

Specify if you have a domain name or need to register one, including the extension: .es, .com, .net, .co, .org.

17. Web maintenance

Indicate if you have a team to update the content or need to hire this service.

These are the important points to estimate a cost and delivery time for a website or app. If you have any doubt in any of the points, you can consult us.

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