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About the project

Atado Mezcal is a premium mezcal brand in Mexico.. This case study highlights our recent project for Atado Mezcal, a brand that represents tradition and modernity in the world of artisanal mezcal. Inspired by the innovative design and brand image, we set out to create a website that reflected the values and unique aesthetics of Atado Mezcal.

For this project, we selected a color palette that evokes the earthy tones of mezcal, integrating soft greens, warm browns and touches of orange and copper, which not only reflect the product, but also the brand's identity. The typography was carefully chosen to balance legibility and style, using combinations of elegant serifs and modern sans-serifs, adding an air of sophistication and accessibility to the content.
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SEO and Accessibility

We implement branded SEO strategies to improve the site's visibility in search engines, making sure that the content was not only attractive, but also accessible. 

The site complies with accessibility standards, guaranteeing that the brand image will be visible in search engines, making the web page easily accessible.

Branded Content

The content of the site is deeply rooted in the history and production of mezcal, highlighting the authenticity and uniqueness of Atado Mezcal on the web page..

Calls to action are clear and effective, aimed at encouraging users to explore more about the products, visit the store or contact the company.

Store - Products

The store section of the Atado Mezcal website is where the tradition meets technology, offering users an unparalleled shopping experience.. Designed with an intuitive and visually appealing interface, this section allows visitors to easily explore the diverse range of products offered by Atado Mezcal.

Each product is accompanied by high quality photographs that highlight the details and quality of the mezcal, while detailed descriptions provide information on the origin, distillation process and flavor notes.

Individual product

The individual page of each product on the Atado Mezcal website is a detailed showcase that not only displays the product, but also tells its story.. Upon entering a product page, the user is greeted with a featured image of mezcal, which captures the essence and quality of the spirit.

Next to or below this image is the product description, rich in details ranging from the method of elaboration to the unique characteristics of the flavor. Finally, a clear and concise checkout process for the user to purchase their mezcal.

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