Intranet Development for Companies

We are a development agency of intranet and extranet systems for companies.

We create intranet development with control panel to manage internal projects for your company.
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Intranet Systems Development Agency

Open Source Enterprise Intranet Software

We create systems Open Source intranet. With control panels for employees where they can share files. Manage tasks by calendars or internal contact in the company and CRM and ERP integration.

Intranet Control Panel

Registration and control of employees. Access with keys and user to the control panel of the intranet for each user. Intranet and extranet access.

Archive management

Manage files among your employees distributed by folders. Easy to upload and download files from the intranet.

Intranet Control Panel

Registration and control of employees. Access with passwords and user to the control panel of the intranet for each user. Access to the intranet and extranet.

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Intranet system design

We work providing computer services for companies in human resource management o project management systems.

Project Management

Panel to manage projects by assigning the percentage of development of each project. View project, check tasks, attach files and comment.

Calendar of Events

Event manager with calendars for the intranet. Share important dates on your calendar for all employees.

Intranet creation for companies with a directory

Directory of consultation about the company. Solve all the doubts of your employees with the company ordered in an office.

Internal company news

Publish internal news about the company for your employees as the next objects to fulfill or future projects and business when creating a company intranet.

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Intranet Systems Programming

We create your own intranet system for your company. Efficient management of your company's resources.
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Let's develop Software together!

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