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Installation, configuration and maintenance of Amazon (AWS), Google (CGP) and Microsoft (Azure) cloud servers.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Architecture
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AWS and GCP Cloud Services Agency

At the agency AppDesign, we are cloud computing architecture experts.

We solve common performance problems in default server installations. We know how to make servers manage millions of visitors and how to manage VPS cloud NVMe servers to make websites and applications faster.

Our solutions are saving operating costs in the cloud infrastructure for our customers, with cloud computing systems management in AWSGCE and Azure.

Our experience: cloud reliability engineeringhigh traffic management for WordPress, Magento, mobile application development and software, and identifying performance bottlenecks in them. 

Server speed and load optimization, complex site, email and domain migrations Cloud server architecture designsContainer applications for ECS and Kubernetes. Configuring an automated application, implementing and testing the cloud server (currently we use GitLab CI and CD). 

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Enterprise Cloud Computing Architecture

We perform installation and monitoring of Linux servers with Plesk, Cpanel WHM and Froxlor Zabbix in the cloud. NewRelic, Blackfire GitLab CI code performance profile and CD VPN - StrongSwan and OpenVPN.

Cloud Platform Management: AWS, Google Cloud, AzureDigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, Vultr and other automated infrastructure deployments. Cloud server provisioning with Terraform and Ansible. Cloud solutions with Kubernetes in AWS, GCPGKE, DigitalOcean SSL. 

Installation and configuration of Letsencrypt's Cloud, PCI DSS Compliance Dovecot, Postfix, SPF, DKIM, DNS, Email delivery and IP troubleshooting, Apache, PHP in its latest versions, Nginx, Traefik, HAProxy, HTTP2, PHP-FPM, CloudFlare. 

Databases and other advanced features such as MySQL, MariaDB, Percona. Performance analysis, configuration, complex migrations.

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Cloud server management

In our cloud computing companyIn addition, we have Linux servers in the USA, Europe and Asia available for network intensive tasks and test projects. 

Our cloud computing engineers are specialized in data recovery, managing with a wide variety of Linux, Windows and Mac workstations and servers. Some tools for data recovery are available, for Windows in C # and for Linux in C and Python. Along the way, many pieces of reverse engineering software and hardware.

Our team of expert engineers in cloud computing will perform the tasks of server maintenance necessary for your company.

We have monitoring tools for Cloud servers.

Feel free to contact our company AppDesign at any time. We will study your needs personally.

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