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Magento is a content management system for online stores.. It is characterized by offering a comprehensive open source solution that allows the creation of web pages for online sales.

For this reason, many people who decide to choose the development of online stores, end up opting for Magento.

At App Design, we create online stores with Magento. Hire specialized Magento developers.

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Create your own online store with Magento

Magento is characterized, precisely, for being a very easy to use tool. Through very simple steps you can connect your online platform with different payment methods such as PayPal, Google Shopping and other systems used by users. One of the great advantages of this platform is that it enables the creation of custom web portals, achieving total control of both the functionality of the website itself and the appearance of it.

In addition, everyone who decides to create a website with this tool will see that it is the system itself that is responsible for facilitating the addition of certain extensions for payment methods, how to make shipments, provide support, etc., but it will be necessary to have certain knowledge to set up an ecommerce through this platform.

magento store development

With Magento you will be able to make an e-commerce, in which you will implement modules, you will be able to make additional integrations, you will have access to information from the administration console and you will also be able to make integrations to work with marketing on the website.

What is a Magento store?

Magento is an e-commerce platform, more and more online stores are using it to sell their products on the Internet..

If you have heard about Magento and the possibility it offers to develop online stores through it, pay attention. We bring you all the details you should know about it.

web page design

Online Store Development

We made online store design with optimized Magento. Every day more and more users use the Magento platform to create their online stores in a sector in constant growth.

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Mobile First: Responsive web design

Your online store adapted to mobile devices. We adapt our online stores to the latest trends, offering an optimal user experience.

online store design

Secure Online Store

With Magento you will have secure card payments with SSL certificate. Your online store will have several online payment methods, credit card, PayPal, Meta Pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay.

SEO positioning

SEO Optimization

All Magento stores are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Your product pages are optimized with keywords on each page to appear in search engines.

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Customized functions

Do you need to develop any custom functionality in Magento, our Magento developers will help you to develop any functionality in your online store.

fast load optimization

High-speed SSD hosting

Magento optimized servers, your high speed hosting now optimized for your online store with Magento. We offer your online store fast and secure for your customers.

Examples of Magento online stores


Advantages of creating an online store with Magento

As for the possibilities that Magento allows you, the most important ones are the following.

1. Product management

Magento is a platform that allows you to add a large number of images, in addition to the users themselves are those who leave optional comments, product reviews, can put favorites, make an inventory, etc..

2. Category management

It offers a simple management of categories, being easy to find and also to select, so that the access to products from the categories themselves is easy.

3. Inventory management

With Magento you will be able to manage products in stock, as well as products that can be imported and exported.

4. Customer account

With the Magento customer account, users can view their own account status, the history of transactions that have been made through the platform, consult the catalog and also work with the shopping cart.

5. Online payments

Beyond these functionalities, Magento offers services related to customer service and order management. It allows you to add different payment methods such as credit card, PayPal,, Google Checkout, as well as offering external payment gateways.

6. Internal search engine

It has a high quality search technology that allows fast, friendly and compatible searches through Google SiteMap. It also offers the possibility of providing through the ecommerce that are created through its platform international support through different languages.

7. Coupons

In addition, it will allow you to effectively develop your marketing strategy, through coupons, promotions and more, while measuring all the results in reports since all this is integrated through Google Analytics.

8. Greater flexibility

Regardless of the size of the store, with Magento you can have access to an endless number of templates that can be adapted, so that the result is none other than a customized online store.

9. Integration with payment methods

Magento offers the possibility to include different payment methods. In this way, it offers the possibility of generating web portals in a simple and easy way. Through these functionalities what companies do is that both sell and buy products online.

10. SEO

Magento has a Search Engine Optimization service that is associated with the page itself. With this, what is done is to facilitate the search and the work of the keywords, while modifying the metadata and choosing which are the best titles to work on the positioning of a website.

11. Responsive templates

Magento offers the possibility of working with templates that adapt to mobile devices, adapting your web portals to tablets and mobile devices. In addition, it gives the possibility to access, through its templates, to a clear and well-structured content. In this way, the content will always be in an intuitive and logical order and linked precisely to what the company or brand offers.

For the positioning to be correct, you have to work with original content, whose title corresponds to what is explained below and always keeping in mind that you have to make a website also thinking that it has a structure delimited by paragraphs that are easy to read. Also that there is harmony in the design related to images, etc.

In short, Magento is a content management system that will allow you to create ecommerce, with enough flexibility and being perfect for companies that have an internal developer because it will be enough to make the maintenance of the relevant platform, while you can work your SEO positioning.

What our clients say?


"Excellent company, super professional. Oliver is very attentive, professional, and detailed. He understood right away what my needs and tastes were and knew how to translate them into the website he created for me. Clear indications, and in a more than adequate time, he finished the job. I recommend him a thousand times."

Federico Beekman

Wordpress Website TangoTravel Inc. - Nueva York

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Why use Magento for my store?

High quality Magento based websites

If you want to develop an online store in a professional way, Magento is a good choice for these reasons:

  • Optimized code for your online store.
  • Free-use code with no monthly fees, as opposed to the web design with Shopify.
  • Powerful internal content manager to control your customers, products and orders.
  • You have high quality templates.
  • It is a platform that offers safety and performance.
  • Easy management through an administration panel.
  • Multitude of payment methods for your online store.
  • Language integration for your Magento store.
  • Possibility of making custom functions for Magento store.

These are some of the reasons to choose Magento if you want to create an online store. The content manager is very broad and extensive, so if you require a basic online store with greater ease of use we recommend you to perform the online store design with WordPress.

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