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What is VUE JS development?

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Vue.js is an open source Javascript framework.which has been created by a former Google employee, and which is already among the most used in its segment. It is considered a progressive framework, in such a way that it can be used both for simpler tasks, such as others that would be alternatives to JQuery, as well as for more complex tasks such as those related to the creation of a complete page.

Thus, Vue is characterized by offering excellent performance and development experience at all times. It is considered a very easy to use framework. This is because it allows the implementation of what is known as the so-called component architecture. The result is the possibility of dividing applications into blocks and all this achieving independent objectives and functions, this is what is known as components. These blocks could correspond to the different sections: a listing, a product sheet, etc.

In short, Vue.js is a kind of layer that has been added to Javascript and that is made up of tools, working actions and a particular language that makes it possible to create applications quickly and in a very simple and practical way.

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Advantages of using Vue.js

Vue.js offers a number of advantages, which we will detail below:

Reduced size

Vue.js offers a reduced size, so much so that its latest version occupies about 30KB gzipped, a size that contrasts with what can occupy an 'out-of-the-box' application that can occupy a size of 65KB gzipped.


It has templates that are written in HTM, allowing a total adaptation to the framework in a simple way. It also uses Webpack and transpilers that combine HTML, JS/TS and CSS/SCSS in the same solution.

Easy to learn

Vue.js is characterized by a type of management that is easy to learn, while it is capable of being easily integrated into other existing projects, even if they are written with another type of language. In addition, it is an option that has a proven scalability through the work of several teams that have already been in charge of using the relevant framework to develop this type of applications.

It should be noted that Vue gives prominence to the approach that focuses on HTML, as well as the template system mentioned above. All people who like to work with these teams will be recommended to use it in question for their applications.

Vue JS is an open source software

As we said, Vue makes use of open source, so that developers are able to use, change and adapt it. It has a good number of modules and libraries that can be used at any time, in addition to having an active developer community behind it that is in charge of keeping the documentation useful and organized to solve any possible setback.

It is a tool that is characterized by being very easy to learn for developers, since it uses a type of code that is easy to write for this type of professionals. In addition, it is a versatile option, being able to be used both to create business applications, as well as other simpler ones limited to a single page.

Offers a large library of tests

One of the great advantages of vue.js is that it offers a large library of tests, being one of the most robust, while being simple and can be performed with little or no configuration.

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One of the most secure and reliable Javascript frameworks

Vue.js tools and libraries

Regarding the official Vue.js tools and libraries, they are the following.

As for the official tools we see that one of them is known as Devtools. It is a devtools browser extension that aims to debug Vue.js applications. On the other hand, there is the one known as Vue CLI that corresponds to a standard tool used to carry out a rapid development of Vue.js applications.

In third place we find the one known as Vue Loader and that, as its name indicates, is a webpack loader that makes it possible to write Vue components in the format known as Single-File Components.

If we focus on the official libraries, we find the option known as Vue Router, which is nothing more than the router for Vue.js. On the other hand, there is the so-called Vue Server Renderer that allows precisely what is the server rendering for Vue.js, among other aspects.

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Uses of Vue.js and companies that use it

Regarding the uses of Vue.js, we can say that precisely because it is a front-end framework, it is mainly used in the development of progressive web applications, as well as to extend the different applications that are already in a portal, although everything depends on the firm that uses it, as can be seen below through the different companies that use it.


The video game company Nintendo is one of those who resort to the use of Vue.js.

In the case of this company, the use of Vue is located both on its official website and on its local sites, especially in Germany and France, as well as on the My Nintendo portal, where it serves to provide a better reward system to the end user.
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Passionate People

The software consulting company, Passionate People, resorted to the use of Vue.js to create an interface linked to multi-thematic and dynamic administration that would allow the same user to have several roles.

The project was a success due to the ease of use of Vue.


Adobe is another large company that makes use of Vue.js.

In this case it is used, especially, to carry out the development of Behance, an online portal that allows users to showcase their online portfolio.
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