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IoT app development company

From AppDesign, we have seen that the developers of IoT (Internet of Things) applications are growing. Its importance in today's mobile world is perceived by the report of Frost and Sullivan which says that each person is likely to have an average of 5.1 connected devices by 2020. It simply means that the concept has immense possibilities and the development of a IoT mobile app grows for application development companies.

A few years ago we dreamed of a world governed by home automation, a smart city, industrial automation, telemedicine, these are some of the fields in which IoT applications are already working. Today, many entrepreneurs want to jump on the bandwagon of IoT application development to take advantage of the commercial benefits of this revolutionary technology, but have no idea of the cost of IoT application development.

IoT apps development company

Below, we provide you with a complete guide to the development price of an IoT application according to the average of application development companies that we have consulted. We will also include our cost to offer our IoT application development services.

IoT application development for Android and iPhone

Let's start with the main aspects for develop an IoT application on Android and iPhone What should you keep in mind.

Before looking for a development company IoT apps on Android, you must find answers to these questions:

  • Goals to achieve with your IoT application
  • Potential customers you want to reach
  • Main functions to develop in the application
  • How to implement the functionalities in the market
  • Expected budget to develop an IoT application

The budget available for the IoT iPhone application development It becomes the most important point to develop the application.

Depending on the budget allocation you can help us add the main functions to the application. Additionally, you need to think about the hardware or devices needed to implement the IoT concept in your workplace. All these tasks can save a lot of time and unnecessary cost with your IoT application development company, which will make you adjust costs.

IoT applications, internet of things

Security, privacy, connectivity and compatibility are four key challenges in developing an IoT application. Because this technology has a huge impact on the mobile app development process, our IoT app developers strive to overcome these challenges.

An experienced IoT app development company can tackle these challenges effectively, and you can get an IoT app that works seamlessly with all the necessary features.

How are IoT applications built?

The adapted IoT mobile apps are connected to sensors or devices and interact with the help of the Internet. Although it seems easy at first glance, it involves complex processes related to data analysis. A mobile internet-of-things app is connected to the business system and futuristic technologies like AR and VR app development that can be integrated into the application.

How to find a trusted IoT app development company

After studying the complete concept of the IoT application, entrepreneurs start looking for a trusted and experienced IoT application development company. The key point that we have found with our clients is the search for a balance between the profitability and the quality of a mobile IoT app. In other words, you need to find a company that develops error-free mobile IoT apps for your devices that makes it profitable.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an application developer specializing in a specific industry, but if you go with an experienced and well-established app design agency instead of new development service companies, you can complete your application project on time and without increase costs. With a complete solution that goes from the design and development of apps, to the implementation, commercialization to maintenance.

Price of an IoT application

Like other mobile apps, the IoT app development process also begins with analyzing information. After consulting with the customer about all the functions he needs to develop and prepare a prototype, he proceeds to beta development.

The length of the design and development phase depends on several factors, including the size and scope of the project, the number of functions required, the integration of new technologies, and the complexity of the mobile application.

Here we offer a brief estimate of the duration of the development phase of IoT apps depending on the complexity, each project is unique, so we recommend consulting cost and time through our budget form:

  1. Simple apps: with standard (and simple) user interface and basic functions: more than 350 hours. You can obtain this type of application at a cost that ranges from $ 6,000 to $ 15,000.
  2. Intermediate applications: With personalized user interface and complex functions: more than 600 hours. This type of application costs you around $ 15,000 to $ 20,000.
  3. Complex applications: with real-time synchronization, connections with apis, databases, etc .: more than 1000 hours. Such mobile applications start at $ 20,000, depending on the level of complexity.

Of course, this is only an approximation. An IoT app development company can give an exact deadline for your application project after analyzing each point to be developed, therefore, it is important to have a preliminary study of all the details that will be developed.

Cost of an IoT mobile app

Here we come to the most critical part: the cost of developing the application. Like all other types of mobile apps, the cost of the IoT mobile app also depends on the duration and features.

Here are some features that take a significant share of the cost of app development:

  1. Location integration.
  2. Integration of payment gateways.
  3. Synchronization between various devices.
  4. Third-party API integration.
  5. Data encryption and inclusion of self-learning feed.
  6. CMS integration such as wordpress, prestashop, magento.

Many IoT application developers believe that the RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool is an answer to the difficulty of developing IoT software from scratch. Therefore, they tend to use pre-built, reusable components on select IoT platforms. Business people can get the personalized app quickly at affordable prices with this approach.

If you choose to hire our IoT app developers for your app project, you can get a full team based on the app requirements. The core team includes two developers and a designer, along with a quality control engineer and a project manager. A backend developer, administrator, and dashboard designer.

Examples of IoT apps

It is important to include security features such as data encryption and security features for apps. Therefore, the integration of these characteristics has a great impact on the cost of development.

In the last days, IoT applications become a general term that can be implemented in different types of applications. Here we mention the types of applications by categories:

Categories of apps developed in IoT:

  • Media and entertainment.
  • Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing and industry.
  • Energy management and renewable energy.
  • Home automation, home automation.
  • Transport and logistics.
  • Smart cities.
  • Consumer applications.

You can calculate the cost yourself, considering the rates for integration of features and price per hour of IO application developers. Application developers have different hourly rates in different countries. For example, US-based application developers charge up to $ 168 per hour and application developers in Spain can about $ 50 per hourIn this case, we reduce costs when working from Spain. In addition, it is necessary to have a maintenance company and modification costs to keep the application updated.


The IOT concept is rapidly gaining ground, and IOT app development is here to stay long-term. You can leverage its benefits to drive your business forward by improving services and simplifying complex processes.

Contact our company AppDesign, our expert IoT developers will help you solve your doubts and give you a personalized quote to create your IoT app.

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