Web design for transport and logistics company


We bring you one of the Business with whom we have worked from Mexico. Creating a web design for a transport and logistics agency how DHL or DeutschePost.

The development consists of a corporate website fully adaptable to mobile devices and tablets. We design the structure using a platform created in wordpress.

Website design for transport company

Web design for transport and logistics company

The web page shows a sliding image in the header where the banners change automatically. In this case, the client provided us with photographs of the trucks used by the transport company.

Although our client did not use most of the content mounted as a news blog, image carousel, where the logos of the associated companies can be displayed. A quick look at the frequently asked questions, where users can see the most important questions and answer their questions.

Web design for logistics agency

The client asked us to mount a YouTube video on the main page. We also show you a proof of a video that automatically plays in the header, a trend for 2019 that gains strength, turning websites into more dynamic and interactive formats. Something we do for him web design for a real estate.

We include a quick inquiry form on the main page, so the user does not have to navigate or click on any link to contact the company, something also useful for lawyer websites, online consulting and management

We also saw it important to develop a personalized calculator where the customer can check the cost of their shipments automatically, entering the weight and dimensions of the product they want to send, the shipping location and the system calculate web cost.

Conclusions of web design

We conclude by adding the page about us, making the company, mission, vision and values known. Also the location through connection with Google Maps and a personalized contact form.

If you have any proposal to present to us or want to develop a similar website, you can contact our team of programmers and web designers through the contact form.

Ask us for a real proof of the design through the form web budget.

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