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A picture is worth a thousand words, so we show you the performance we can get in a development created with GatsbyIn our agency App Design, we have specialized in one of the most powerful frameworks that use React JSThe newest version of the software is the seo optimization and loading speed for web pages and Progressive Web App.

Why develop a website with Gatsby?

Yes, in our AppDesign web development agencyWe are probably one of the few programmers with React JS that has achieved a 100% in optimization for a web page. The example website developed in Gatsby. We have optimized web pages for our clients, achieving between 90% and 100% in Google PageSpeed test and Lighthouse.

In addition to optimizing the loading speed for web pages, with a self-managed dedicated server, we have managed to decrease the loading time from 1.5 seconds to 0.2 seconds when switching from WordPress to Gatsby.

improve website loading speed

How does Gatsby work?

Incredible loading speed

The best code to get the improved performance on your website is Javascript

SEO Optimization

We use the Gatsby framework for its ease of optimization through modules

Progressive Web App

React JS mounts PWA on your website. Responsive web for mobiles

Impressive designs

Gatsby creates the best elements to create most beautiful Javascript websites

Clean code

Impressive clean slate for your website. Gatsby uses the best code

API connections

Connects to APIs, databases, YAML, JSON, CSV and CMS WordPress and Drupal

React JS and Gatsby web programmers

From our company App Design, we have expert programmers in Gatsby technology

get a 100 on pagespeed
Get 100 on pingdom tools

How much is a web development with React JS worth?

The cost of a website with React JS depends on the functions and contents to be created:

1. Corporate Landing page.
2. Web page + control panel.
3. Online store.
4. Custom web development with API connections.

Is a progressive web application included?

The answer is yes. All projects created with Gatsby, are configured to download the phased implementation once the client accesses the website.

Do I need to pay the 100% of the project to start?

No, at our web development agency App DesignWe start with the 50% of the estimated budget.

Once the project has been completed and enabled for review by our client, the second and final payment will be made.

The development service with React has additional costs

No, once we finish the website, we will upload it to your server and domain.

Will I have support, advice and warranty?

Yes, all the projects created in our company App Design, have guarantee, advice and support.
gatsby and react js
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our developers with Gatsby and React JS for your website. Ask us your questions:
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