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App Design is a company specialized in custom software development services that provides solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

Hire our software developers to create your customized digital product.
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Services such as software developer custom-made. Our software developers create ad hoc customized platforms for large enterprises, SMEs and small businesses.

Our team of software developers can help you transform your business with the latest technological capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. Reliable and scalable software development for any operating system, browser and device.

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Stages of Software Development

Our methodology in the development process of a digital product is based on transparency and guarantee to our customers. We apply a systematic approach to complex and simple projects. We follow Agile, Scrum and Kanban methodology, which allow our dedicated team to deliver exceptional applications on time.

Planning and consulting

We carry out a customized consultancy for each client where we evaluate the project costs. Our team will be in charge of simplifying the needs, taking into account the latest software development trends to reduce costs.

The client converts the idea into a breakdown of the sitemap to be developed, which allows us to work with our web designers and developers to simplify the internal processes of the Software, creating a high quality minimum viable product.

Prototype Design

We design all the internal sections of the software to create a visual prototype. At this stage our UX UI expert designers will give us the guidelines to create a digital product that meets the quality standards.

User experience is the key to the development of a functional web application. End users must be able to use the software in an easy way decreasing the learning curve.

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation explains the internal functionalities of each section of the software. With this document we make sure that we have well described how the software works, before sending it to development.

It is important to know the functionalities once the prototype is designed, in order to add, remove or simplify the prototype sections of the initial briefing.

We have a very exhaustive policy of transparency and guarantee. We break down the costs according to the work to be done so that our customers can see where the costs of software development are. With this methodology our clients can choose which functionalities to develop in the first versions of the software according to their initial budget.

Digital product development

Once the total costs have been estimated in the technical documentation and approved by the customer for the first version, we develop the customized software.

The development stage is the most time-consuming and costly part. To develop a customized software, it is important to do a good previous work, since it takes 80% of the development of the whole digital product.

Testing and launching

Test engineers are ultimately responsible for reviewing the entire software. At this stage, a complete debugging of the web platform is performed. In addition to the review and testing, a simplification of the processes to be developed is performed, in order to optimize costs and sections, making a digital product as simple as possible.

Support and Warranty

Every software development company must comply with a support system once the software is finished.

Our support system is designed to perform subsequent version scaling for functionalities that have been left out of the initial budget. In addition, we offer our guarantee of operation and error resolution.

All software has a long-term progressive scaling to adapt to customers' needs, which may evolve over time.

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Software Development Services

web development

Software Development

We develop customized software
website design

IT Consulting

Customized web development solutions for each client
cloud computing

Cloud Servers

Launching on high availability Cloud servers
Native apps development

App Development

Development of Android and iOS applications connected to the administrator.
graphic design

Testing and Quality Control

Software performance guarantee and debugging of errors
ux ui design

UX/UI Design

Optimization of user experience and user interface
Web page creation

Support and Scalability

External software for maintenance and scaling of web applications
API Implementation

API Implementation

Implementation of external platforms and software migration
Security with Wordpress


Latest versions and bug-proof updates
software development

Why choose us as your software development company?

App Design is a custom software development company with 15 years of experience. Our company has worked in more than 500 projects, between design and development of web applications.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We will study your needs personally.

Software Development Company
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