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We are developers Prestashop experts. Development of online stores and web page design with the cms eCommerce for online sales of products on the Internet.

Prestashop Experts Company

Currently we continue to research connecting applications with stores built in Prestashop. We will leave you with some of our most important work. We do professional work with Prestashop. Some key points for the future that will be taken in this 2019.

  • Most important work done for experts Prestashop.
  • Future projects to have your store updated to 2019.
  • Some keys to optimize your eCommerce system.

Leaders in online stores with Prestashop

We will start with the most important project we have created for the company Mega Supplier. For this expert company in manufacturing, we built the platform in version 1.6. Being a supplier of products, they can only sell to online stores, not to individuals. Their distribution system is hidden by customer records, we made the following modifications as required:

  1. Design and development of the online shop with Prestashop in the latest version:shop design in prestashop
  2. Private online shop with Prestashop. Only accessible to registered and previously activated customers from the administration panel:shop in private prestashop
  3. Billing system with Prestashop: our customers need to differentiate between two types of customers (who are not taxed only for some products such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops). A system was implemented to apply a surcharge to certain customers. A specific tax is applied upon payment.
  4. One-page payment system with Prestashop. This is one of the most efficient payment systems created in Prestashop. The customer will be able to register, select payment and send to a single page:buy to a prestashop page

Shop in prestashop updated for 2019

Many customers motivate us to improve, we update online stores with the latest trend in the e-commerce sector.

The importance of mobile applications.

We are currently developing app systems synchronized with the products of your online store in Prestashop. You can check it out in our article: Create Prestashop online store appsFor those who use WordPress with Woocommerce we also have a synchronization solution for applications developed in ios and androidWe are also a expert company with wordpress.

Today, the constant growth of the development of B2B eCommerce platformsIt is expected that by 2050 apps will have gained ground to websites. It is not a change but a necessary implementation to expand the visibility of your company's online store mounted in Prestashop.

360 degree view systems for Prestashop products

Currently we have developed some implementation systems for 3D product photos. By simply sliding your finger over the photo from a smartphone, you can have a 360 degree view of the product.

prestashop 3D view

We carry out a study with rotary systems, quality photo retouching. The client sends us the specific product and we develop all the steps. We create a clean view with a white background on the product. The implementation of the 3D system in Prestashop is included.

360 degree view for Prestashop

Template and module customization.

We carry out all types of programming and custom modifications. Development of modules. Customization of backoffice and frontend.

In our eCommerce agency has the best examples of online stores with which we have been working for more than 10 years. We develop customized Prestashop modules for companies that require greater customization.

You can consult our team of expert programmers with Prestashop through quotation form.

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