Development of mobile applications with artificial intelligence

Oliver - Updated on August 10, 2019

The artificial intelligence companies are developing intelligent applicationsBacked by artificial intelligence to make them future-proof.

Development of mobile applications with artificial intelligence

Think about Siri o CortanaThe mobile applications that have shaped the global next-generation digital experience. Artificial Intelligence, along with machine learning, combines several related processes. Contributing to the development of several robust applications The combination of these two mechanisms will largely shape the next generation of mobile applications.

The application developers are collaborating with several forward-thinking companies to develop mobile applications oriented to artificial intelligence (AI). In general, AI is a higher ground in the domain of mobile application development and UX UI web page design.

Artificial intelligence allows you to create the desired environment software for businesses. You will be able to offer advanced and intelligent business solutions. Developing an AI-based mobile application involves some software. These are similar to neuronal stenosis in the CNS. In addition, they are able to remember previously received data and then analyze it for future applications.

One of our strengths when it comes to developing applications of the internet of thingsis to use native mobile applications with native reactTherefore, we maintain a high quality in the applications developed at a good cost.

On average, people handle about 30 applications in a month, with over 4.4 million applications overall. With features like automatic speech recognition, they take advantage of the ease of business. Competitive companies are willing to develop dedicated AI-based applications for their business.

Developing mobile applications using the knowledge of artificial intelligence

Each business requires an application that is functionally aligned with its service or business objective. Artificial intelligence can simplify interactions with users. An open platform based on user requirements will greatly benefit your efforts to establish your authority in the marketplace.

When the clever application includes all the facilities and complements the commercial objectives, can reach the productive coasts successfully. A problem associated with AI also serves as a solution With intelligence machines as the main factor, more accurate than human thinking. It is for this reason that AI technologies are also known as neural networks. These networks come with the ability to perform the function of the brain much faster.

In recent years, developers have integrated artificial intelligence technologies in a customized way. This makes decision making easier. The process is already underway and, in a few years, artificial intelligence will dominate business spaces.

A large number of commercial companies are integrating AI these days, and it is estimated that the AI market will be worth over $ 100 billion by 2025. In the coming years, increased AI participation in mobile applications will lead to a designer's replacement. With increased use of business applications that operate through machine learning.

AI and API Integration

According to research, 72% of business leaders consider AI to be an advantage for their business.

With competition increasing, it is wise to communicate with one of the established developers and get a powerful application for your company. These are the reasons that explain the importance of integrated artificial intelligence applications in the digital business environment.

Better conversion, more benefits for your application

AI-based APIs are rapidly filling the gap between brands and their target customers. Through speech recognition, implemented through chatbots, customers can now enjoy a great conversation experience. This allows commercial enterprises to manage multiple customers at the same time by customizing their needs. A survey reveals that up to 95% users have smartphones.

I believe that the creation of chatbots has greatly improved customer service. Another survey shows that the 35% of customers expect more companies to invest in developing chatbots, while the 15% of customers have already interacted with chatbots in the last year. In addition, the 80% of commercial companies are likely to implement chatbots by 2020. This clearly indicates the future of mobile applications, supported by artificial intelligence, which will affect the market forever.

Customize mobile applications

Brands have long strived to provide their customers with a personalized experience. Artificial intelligence and the API have already demonstrated the potential in this area. Applications are now being developed to track the location of users and provide quality search results. This indicates that users do not need to enter their current location every time.

Companies can obtain detailed information about their customers through various means, such as mobile devices, online traffic, PoS machines, etc. The recorded customer behavior, along with the data collected, can further customize the result obtained. As a result, businesses can improve user retention rates. In addition, they will be able to enjoy exceptional services, without complicated results.

For example, My Starbucks Baristathe AI-based Star Bucks application. The application allows customers to place their order by placing a voice order on the desired product. AI-based APIs, on a larger scale, will help renew the search algorithm, which will shift the focus to a greater application experience.

Better user experience in search

In recent years, commercial companies have observed that AI is streamlining the experience of their customers. AI-based applications allow them to search through voices and images in addition to traditional text input.

Users can use their natural language while interacting, which takes the user experience of the mobile application to a higher dimension. Features such as application location, image recognition and speech recognition reinforce the applications in terms of ease of use.

Improved mobile application security

Security remains a major concern for mobile application developers. Technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics will strengthen the security of mobile applications. It will also focus on user behaviour patterns and test vulnerability levels. The technology will also implement or recommend changes, which can improve the security of the application. In the coming years, new ways to log in and out of mobile applications will emerge.

Commercial companies can use various APIs to develop their AI-based mobile application solutions. These include, IBM Watson and much more. Considering the technological competition in business, it is recommended to collaborate with renowned mobile application developers such as AppDesign, to stay competitive in the marketplace. Contact our application developers and optimize your business.

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