CRM and ERP software for companies

CRM and ERP systems for companies

We create systems software and integration with the platform Odoo and OpenERP for companies. If you need developers in ERP and CRM To manage your company we have a team of programmers specialized in advanced stock project management.

erp cmr development

Development and maintenance company for CRM and ERP systems

Availability for all versions of Odoo 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and the latest version 11. We offer a complete solution to assemble your ERP or CRM system, creating the complete web, intranet and Odoo system implemented in CMS WordPressWe also offer maintenance and advice on business management tools.

OpenERP (Odoo officer) is a complete business management system (ERP) aimed at companies in the area of: Accounting and Finance, Purchasing, HR, Stock Management, Products, Sales, Projects, Warehouses (SGA), CRM and Manufacturing among others.

Odoo Openerp crm Software Development

The programs of software Management systems are designed to facilitate work for companies, allowing business performance to be optimized in more than one 20%.


Why choose Odoo as ERP or CRM?

OpenERP's Odoo It is an integrated web computing system that works with open source. So it is possible to carry out a global management of the company with a single software thanks to its wide range of tools and utilities based on CRM to eCommerce services, ERP in reference to business planning for the administration of the organization.

Regardless of the web system that you use the software, we do it through multiplatform, so we can implement the structure and databases on your own web server, it will be accessible to the interface through a browser.

It does not require technical knowledge of computing or code, its simple and dynamic interface stands out when managing the software. If you need personalized technical advice we have maintenance packs where an expert technician will contact your team directly, being able to share the screen in real time to resolve all the doubts of your employees.

It has total customization so that you have the tools you need from your panel, given its modular nature, we will adapt the tool to the needs of your company.

Main functions of ERP-CRM systems

As a small guide we will leave you the main functions (expandable) that allow you to manage your system

Sales management

Follow up comprehensively on sales cycle in your corporation. From giving budgets on products to final collection procedures. The integrated system will have useful tools such as SMS, billing, printing, calendars, important events, traceability, effectiveness of telemarketers ... You can take a tracing Complete sales of your company, knowing the strengths and weaknesses.

Purchase Management

You can equip your company with an efficient tool to optimize your warehouse and improve purchase prices , in addition to automation. Track your orders, order list, billing, price list (discounts, limit prices, conditions, rates, promotions), decision making through purchase reports you can know the costs, inventory and future problems.

CRM system

Optimize the Relationship with customers, being able to carry out the optimal conditions with strategies that will keep your clients in the long term. Act like commercial management, generating competitive marketing advantages over your competition. Address book, orders, meetings, phone calls, billing, after sales, documents, reports.

Financial management

Full accounting system where you can manage your quarterly and annual closings, optimizing your costs with cash movements. Among the multitude of accounting tools stand out the simultaneous work between employees, accounting entries, taxes, accounting plan, account management, accounting entry entries, accounting reports and analysis for decision making.

Human Resources

We complete your CRM with a powerful HR manager for your company where you can take all the information of your employees, interviewees, technical recruitment system. Organize your contracts as well as the analysis of your team, assists, absences or vacations. Quickly consult your employee file with all the information you need, as well as a time organizer and attendance statistics. Attach document such as CVs, annotations or contracts.

Warehouse management

The Warehouse Management SystemAimed at companies that handle a large stock of products, it will simplify your work. You will keep track of the inventory from the entry into the warehouse (suppliers, costs, orders) until the exit (valuations, traceability, locations, routes). Simplicity makes the difference by being able to manage all the processes in a single form. Connect with your provider and after-sales services. Plan and manage all strategies.

Project manager

An integrated Project Manager of the most powerful on the market, now implemented in your CRM and ERP system. Organize work by assigning tasks to your employees with the time manager. Break down your projects and carry out a quick follow-up as company director, quickly consulting tasks and being able to delegate, resolve incidents, manage team messages within each individual task.

Production system

Manufacturing and manufacturing management. Organize manufacturing with production orders, order planning, and product management with material tracking. Develop the lists of the components of each material individually, developing an optimal classification in your company. Perfect for product assembly systems and can manage component management.

Marketing strategy

You will also have on your panel a complete manager digital marketing campaigns. Make announcements to your customer network and keep a statistical follow-up through the different control panels. Possibility of targeting, target the target audience of your campaign and optimize benefits. Build your database with records through newsletter and subscription forms.

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