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Looking for a way to create a social networking app that stands out from the crowd? Want to join the future trend of dating apps for Android and iOS? At App Design, we can help you do just that!

We are a company specializing in app development company specialized in the creation of mobile applications for social networks. innovative and attractive. We have a team of experts passionate about social media that will help you create a custom app that fits the specific needs of your business and your users.
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The social networking appsThe "WebSphere" applications are designed to share content. We develop dating apps that share stories, images and text in real time, connecting users around the world.

At App Designwe are expert app developers We create social networking applications with the latest mobile features.

We design the apps of the future to connect people.

There are many types of social networking apps, some examples include FacebookInstagram o TwitterThis type of applications with very differentiated functions, giving the possibility to create a multitude of ideas through your own mobile app.

From our app development agency, we help you turn your idea into an app with all the features you need to differentiate yourself, including the design and development of Tinder.

Our social network app development process begins with app design, design conversion and prototype development, and ends with the testing phase.

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How to create a Social Networking app?

Mobile social networking applications have been increasing their revenues, being one of the most profitable apps today. The cost of developing a social network app for android and iOS depends on the functions to be programmed, difficulty and working time.

What do you need to create social networking and dating apps?

  • User management systemsThe registration and sending of emails.
  • Internal communicationConnect users via chat or private messages.
  • GeolocationReal-time location integration for the app.
  • Share documentsSharing: to share, video, images, texts and documents between users.
  • Api Connections.
  • User management portalInternal Control Panel: Internal control panel to manage your app.
  • PaymentsIntegrated payment system.
  • Interaction with usersPush notifications, sending messages, SMS, emails.
  • SecurityEncryption: app.
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Social Networks

Design of social network type applications

In conclusion, these are some of the characteristics for create dating and social networking applications that are changing the world.

Works applications from all sectors, being one of the best Fintech app development companies.

The future of applications is changing the way users connect, do you want to be part of it?

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