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We build all our relationships with our clients with honesty and trust. We understand that each project is unique, that's why we get involved in all parts of the development process
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Personalized quote for each client

Every project has its own story

We understand that every product is different That's why we work hard to understand your vision, your context and your short and long-term plans. Your success is our success.

We always adhere to the Manifesto for Development of Agile Software which emphasizes the importance of people and interactions, of collaboration, responding to change and producing working software that has value for your business.

Work with a web development company

To gain your trust, we guarantee transparency every step of the way.
time and labor cost

Price for time and work

Your billing is based on the number of hours worked by the project team, so you know exactly what you are paying
accurate records

Accurate time records

How do you know if your billing is accurate? Simply check the time records, any time you need to
Scrum Masters app

Scrum Masters

Contact our team of developers and view the status of your project at any time
NDA for ideas

NDA On Request

We understand that you may want to protect your idea in every way possible. We are open to signing NDAs, and can do so in an instant using electronic signatures
development environment

Direct Access to the Development Environment

You can see what's going on under the hood at all times. The best results come from working directly with our developers
flexible scheduling

Time zones are not a problem

Do you feel that the time difference affects communication? Don't be afraid. Weekly calls, regular planning sessions and access to interactive communication channels are the solution

Development work process

This is what it means to develop your software product with AppDesign. As an example scenario, we present a story of an eCommerce platform. It is agile and flexible: we always adapt it to your needs.

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Start of the project

A successful start to the project means that we get to the bottom of the whole context, needs and expectations of the user. We carry out a preliminary study of the project and planningThe company offers the best way to develop the project for each client.

Product design and development

We start from a few design, development and test deadlines, the whole process will be visible to the client through our Project Manager.

We use Agile Scrum Technology to make our work efficient, predictable and valuable.

Project Review

In this Sprint, we will enable the web for reviewThe client can make any corrections required according to the time estimated in the planning phase.

Launch and warranty phase

We prepare the migration to your domain and server and deliver the necessary keys for its self-management.
We include additional post-delivery warranty in all our projects, ensuring the proper functioning of all our delivered projects.

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Transforming ideas into real projects

"With entrepreneurial spirit in my blood and hooked on the digital world, I started designing websites in 2003. AppDesign aims to remain the leading Development Agency in web design, eCommerce and mobile applications, growing globally with our customers. I believe that Digital is the future of the new developed era and I want to be among the best in this industry that makes a difference in the years to come. AppDesign provides services across the digital spectrum, including: Web Design, eCommerce, mobile applications and custom development for platforms, marketplace, enterprise systems and Cloud Computing".

Oliver Guirado - CEO at
Alena testimonials

"I'd like to express my gratitude to these guys for my new travel website and tour application. I appreciate all their help and advice. I wish them all the best!"

CEO TravelLiona Travel Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from our customers

What time zone do you work from?

We work for the whole world. Our headquarters are located in Madrid and Granada (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia). When we carry out projects in America, Europe and Asia, we have total availability.

Do you have servers for my project?

Yes, we are experts in server management and maintenance for our customers. We also offer cloud solutionsAsk us to have your project optimized on the web.

What are your prices?

Each project has a history, so we make customized budgets to estimate a tight cost for each client.

The cost will depend on work time, difficulty of development, sections to be built and functions.

What kind of customers do you have?

We've worked so hard to large corporations, banks and organization, universities like small entrepreneurs who want to startWe adjust to your budget by studying each project in a personalized way.

What happens after my project is finished?

At this point you will have a guarantee period to make sure that your development works properly.

We offer:

1. Monthly web maintenance for your web project: updates, hours of support, advice, testing.

2. Maintenance in serversUpdates, security with the latest versions, backups, speed and performance optimization.

3. ScalabilityYour company needs to grow constantly, at AppDesign we are aware of this and are in contact with our customers to offer scalable solutions (extra features, performance and SEO optimizations, design improvements, layout, configurations, migrations).

What do you specialize in?

We have teams for any sector. We work from corporate websites, online shops, online platforms, software development to mobile application design.

What makes you different from other companies?

We include 3 points that we consider essential:

1. All our designs and developments are made according to the latest recommendations. We offer quality and security at the best guaranteed price.
Personalized treatment for each client. You will have a personalized advice where we will recommend designs and functions you need according to your idea. We adjust the costs de cada desarrollo según el presupuesto disponible.
3. 24/7 maintenance service for our maintenance service. Problem solving in record time.

Our company offers a complete service, it is the difference that will make you outperform your competition.

Do I need to pay for my entire project before I see the result?

We simply do not, we know how to work with our clients. We are convinced of doing a good job and with our transparency in the estimated budgets we charge only 50% of the cost to start.

Trabajamos para construir relaciones a largo plazo. Nos importa que tu proyecto funcione y crezca con nosotros.
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