Development of applications for events

Design of mobile apps for congress companies, events and ticket sales

App development company for ticket sales. Event management apps for Android and iOS with administration control panel.

Design apps for events, congresses and conferences

One of the management systems most requested by our team of app developers, is he event software. We have created web applications based on event management systems for many companies.

The main increase in application development is carried out by ticketing apps for events, concerts, museums, concerts and conferences. As a priority, these mobile applications set up systems for online sales through the application, location through google maps to locate events and internal calendar to manage concerts.

Currently, our web design agency AppDesign is a pioneer in building applications for event companies. In addition, we have experience in all sectors, with applications created for online courses or dating app design.

Event companies and ticket sales such as TicketMaster they are already at the forefront of the leisure sector. They follow her Musement with a ticket sale application for museums around the world. Also include one of the main applications of vacation tours, Civitatis.

Creation of apps for ticket sales

Mobile events applications are the future to improve the user experience for the leisure sector. The increase in ticket reservations through an app has increased steadily in recent years.Ā 

Types of Apps for events developed:

  • Conference business app: one of the main proposals for companies that manage conferences.
  • Apps for ticket sales at festivals and concerts: sale of tickets for music festivals.
  • DJs and singers apps: apps to see upcoming events, buy tickets and music albums.
  • Event calendars for apps: publication by calendar of events by cities or categories.
  • Apps design for Clubs and discos: publication of events, offers and ticket sales in clubs.
  • Others: some pioneering companies invest in this type of apps for events, such as restaurants, private clubs or coworkings.

In conclusion, for develop an app for events, you will need to contact a team of expert programmers in application development like the one we have in AppDesign.

Event management software for companies

event management web application

In addition, we create systems of software to manage events, ticket sales and tickets. We have created applications for taxis

The future of applications is changing the way of buying tickets for users who are looking for a greater experience for their leisure offers, do you want to be part of it? Feel free to contact us at any time!

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