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We are a company specializing in design and development company of e-learning platforms for coursesLeaders in the education sector, providing web design services for the management of online courses.

AppDesign, has the experience in the development of educational online platforms and e-learning applications. We create customized e-learning online course systems.

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E-learning platforms

Development of an e-learning platform to sell online courses

You can now create your own website to sell online courses
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How to create your own online course platform

To sell your own courses online you need a e-learning platform:

  • Record your course online.
  • Publish your courses through a control panel with WordPress.
  • Set up your course syllabus.
  • Allocate resources to each topic: videos, pdf and documents
  • Assigns category to the course.
  • Publish it on the home page.
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Benefits of having your own platform to sell online courses

  • You won't need to pay commissions to the platform.
  • You will have your own 100% business with high scalability.
  • Possibility of including instructors and charging commissions in your course network.
  • Unlimited courses, instructors, videos...
  • No competition: by managing your own platform you can publish and position your own courses in the section you want.

Platform programming for online courses

Create, learn, grow, teach.

Everything you can do with your own platform to sell online courses

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