Design and creation of online shops in Madrid

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on December 30, 2020

Many are the clients who ask us create online store in MadridThroughout these years we have developed several websites for the whole world. The city that has asked us most to create an online store has been Madridoffering the best Price and quality.

We also provide the following services web design in Madrid.

Create online store in Madrid

You can ask us for an estimate through our form to recommend a design and personalized functions for your online store: Web Quote.

Among all our products, our online stores stand out. We have developed all kinds of works and development of online stores.

Online store design in Madrid

  • Firstly, the creation of online store virtual with our eCommerce agency. We have developed a multitude of online shops and eCommerce systems with customer, product, and stock management.
  • Web maintenance and expansion in online stores. It is the second most requested, we have expanded and improved many websites, increasing visits and sales for all our customers by optimizing their website.
  • Creation of websites for companies, especially for small and medium sized companies starting their business adventure. Not only have we developed your company but we have also advised you and improved the idea when programming and designing your company website.
  • Mobile applications synchronized with the online shop. One of our strengths has been the creation of mCommerce Apps for clients low-cost online store. Also, we have made automatic synchronization of the products and stock of the mobile application by being fully synchronized in real time with your website.
  • Finally, we have worked on personalised advice, web analytics, online marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO), reconstruction and renovation of web pages, modification of structures in Responsive systems (web adaptation for mobile devices and tablets).

eCommerce services in Madrid

Not only is it necessary to have an online sales system for your company through its website, we have also seen an increase in sales in the improvement of an online store. To do this we do not stop studying and researching latest trends in website design, systems eCommerce and professional mCommerce.

Our research led us to change all our web structure systems, developing the structure in Responsive systems (adaptation to mobiles and tablets) with HTML 5 and CSS code. Google, launched the news that we already knew two years ago, began to penalize the web pages that do not adapt to mobile devices and tablets.

We know the current problems that our clients face, one of the biggest problems we have seen has been the blocking of their websites after not paying the increased fees. Domains that were not in their name, restrictions when working with their website and high fees (expanding products, web modification ...). That is why we work differently, all our designs have a control panel easy to use. We do not charge maintenance (only maintenance by the hour once created, for our customers to pay just for what they need). Our payments are one time payment without monthly fees, so the website will be entirely of the client. Once created we pass all the keys of both the domain and the files of the website in case they need to manage their website or other programmers work on it.

If you have any doubts before starting your project, do not hesitate to consult us, we will be happy to give you the help you need.

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