How much does it cost to make a web page?


Once you make the decision to create a Web page, surely something that worries you is the subject of price of a web page. we create personalized estimates of the cost of your website.

Website design prices

website prices

The types of Web design, programming and information on how much can a Web page. Be part of your data bank when you are about to hire a web design service.

What you have to know, it is not something cheap. You have to take into account that it is an investment whose results will have a positive impact on the development of your company in the medium and long term. In other words, more than an expense, it is a necessary investment.

website prices

How much can it cost to create a web page? 

The answer to this question can be very broad, since it depends on many factors such as the type of Web design. The rates that each designer depending on their experience and their work, if you custom design or with tools like Wordpress or Prestashop. The country in which you contract the service and some other things that can also determine the final price. Also, it is important, the implementation of the SEO positioning phases for your website.

Some specialists say that a professional, personalized and complete website, which includes all the elements that are necessary, can exceed a thousand euros. Although there is also the possibility of reducing costs, sacrificing some variables that you may not need much, such as custom design.

Know the types of web designs

If you are not familiar with the subject either because you are new to this world or because you only handle the basics, you may not know that the Web design it involves several possibilities. According to the needs of your company or idea, among which stand out:

  • The multipage, They are those that include several sections that are categorized with a menu. They contain different pages, each with its own design and characteristics, although respecting the base design.
  • Blogs, They are alternatives that are considered very suitable for companies or people who have the ability to publish large amounts of content. They carry out daily content updates to create communities and capture audiences. 
  • The landing pages, They are those that involve a fairly simple and clean design because they only contain the most basic information about the company. You use for product or service: an eye-catching headline, an attractive image, and a call to action.
  • E-commerce, They are the alternatives that are designed based on the specific sales needs of the company or brand. They work depending on the product or service for sale.
  • The one page, They are a type of web design that is placed somewhere in between the landing pages and a company page. They are recommended for small and medium businesses that do not require something highly elaborate.
  • Websites with ux ui stand out for their modern design and usability.

Regarding the prices Within this classification, we can say that landing pages are the cheapest because they do not have many elements. Followed by one page, multi-page and e-commerce. The latter are more expensive, compared to the others, because you have to configure many more elements. E-commerce have user registries, credit card configurations and a large number of options.

What are content management systems?

WordPress, one of the most popular and Prestashop, especially for create online eCommerce stores, are alternatives that fall within the category of Content Management Systems. These are the programs that have been developed so that any user can, without the need for deep programming knowledge, administer and manage web page content. Some with free licenses and others with payment.

Basically what CMS or Content Management Systems do is help you. Even if you have no experience, for example, controlling your rents for a website for a hotel, manage your tours in one website for a travel agency and offer your services with web design for architecture studio. In conclusion, they facilitate simplicity of use, without the need to manage codes.

On the other hand, within the language of web development, web design with Bootstrap which are custom web design frameworks. Currently it is considered essential to improve the user experience while browsing different devices.

Whether you opt for options like Wordpress or Prestashop to achieve websites or go for it custom design. Through the hiring of a freelance professional or an agency, it is essential that you carefully study the web prices. The costs of a website that each agency offers you, to make a decision that suits you according to your needs and the budget you have available.

Prices for a custom web development

For a custom web development, the design will be without a template and working the website from scratch. The main advantage would be the customization that can be given to a custom web design, leaving a cleaner code and with custom functions. Based on the construction of the web development, you can modify any visual aspect of the web, not like the designs in CMS. The main disadvantage is the cost, since the same website developed custom with Bootstrap, would take up to 3 and 4 times more work than from a cms, and therefore, the price of a custom web design it multiplies.

Next we will leave a table to guide you about the price, based on some basic web designs. Each web page is priced according to the time it takes to make a web page. Therefore, I advise you to leave us all the details about your website in the budget form. We will carry out a personalized study and cost adjustment for a web page that suits your needs.

We will differentiate in two types of budgets, one with a custom design and the other from a CMS.

Prices Web Pages

Company typeTechnologySectionsPrice
Corporate webWith CMSHome - About Us - Services - Blog - ContactFrom € 700
Corporate webCustomHome - About Us - Services - Blog - ContactFrom € 2,500
Online storeWith CMSHome - Shop (categories and subcategories) - Blog - ContactFrom € 1,200
Online storeCustomHome - Shop (categories and subcategories) - Blog - ContactFrom € 4,500

Each project is different, so we advise you to consult price to make your website. We will give you price customized according to your needs.

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