Prestashop Online Store App Development

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on August 5, 2019

Create App for Prestashop Online Stores. Develop apps synchronized with your Prestashop store. Design and develop mobile apps online store style synchronized in real time with your product catalog. Create mobile apps. Synchronize your App online store in real time through your Prestashop.

Create App for Prestashop Online Stores

App development for Android and iOS with Prestashop

  1. Your App catalogue synchronized with your online store in real time. Publish through your control panel the products, categories and images.
  2. White mark. Your App will carry your corporate logo and personalized images.
  3. Prestashop content manager updated to 2019. Within the control panel you will manage your orders, customers and products.
  4. It includes your online store website and access to the control panel, style.
  5. We created the App in IOS with publication in AppStore.
  6. We created the Android App with Google Play publishing.
  7. Features for sellers such as automatic email notification when an order is placed, apply discount coupons and offers, notifications...

Synchronize your online store App in real time through your Prestashop

We are experts in eCommerce services with Prestashop We connect platforms and databases with apps developed on Android and iPhone.

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2 comments on “Desarrollo Apps para Tiendas Online Prestashop”

  1. Good afternoon, we work with Simplygest as POS software, which has a module to connect with prestashop, we need price to create an online store connected with this software, and since we are also price to create the sales app. greetings.

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