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Capture attention with your unique corporate identity.

Do you dream of a brand that stands out from the crowd?

In App Design, we create corporate identities that make you fall in love your customers and boost your business.

Professional logos, customized brand design and tailored marketing strategies, all from the hand of our UX UI designers experts.

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Graphic design of logos

It will update your website thanks to our professional corporate graphic designThe design is made by specialist designers in this sector with more than 10 years of experience, leaving your brand image in the hands of professional designers.

Several studies have shown that the first thing a customer looks at is your company's logo. This subconscious image will influence when buying products or services in your company.

Our experts in digital marketing services have a high experience in graphic design.

We design your platform in a personalized way, we offer a personalized design, we will implement your company logo, courses and theme design.

Today it is not enough to have a quality website, the importance of having a logo according to the services offered by your company has been shown in several studies of the most important universities around the world, reaching more than a 20% of importance for customers when making a payment.

A corporate logo, shows the image at first sight that your company should give, not only is it enough to design a good logo but also to give it a dynamic touch and apply a color scale according to your business.

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Logo graphic design agency

Each type of company requires a different type of logoIt is not enough to create an image that we like, it has to be in accordance with the services or products offered by your company and are connected to your potential customers. AppDesign, we are dedicated to offering a totally personalized service for each client.

Corporate image is about advertising, not about drawing. Having a professional design will create confidence in your customers. It will give your company greater consistency. Having a professional corporate design will increase your expansion.

We base on the target market, if you need a logo for an electronic online store you need aggressiveness, greatness, confidence. if you offer services in a law firm instead, you will need confidence, clarity and seriousness, so we will be in contact to advise you at all times and define a personalized image.

To have a well-defined strategy, you need to have some basic elements in your company. These elements start with a name of your company (business branding), your company logo, the slogan that will shape your philosophy, the your company website and the brochure that will shape your brochures, business cards, envelopes, labels, etc.

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We create brand image for companies

We create logos and company's image for your company based on the latest news and trends in graphic design. We carry out research into your potential market in order to reach your target audience.

We create emotions.

  1. Orange: produces us aggressiveness, it is used in direct sales, normally for electronic online stores.
  2. Red: transmits urgency to us, it is also very common in electronic stores where impulses make us decide whether to buy or not.
  3. Black: This type of colour combination is for the luxury sector.
  4. Yellow: to highlight areas, is an attractive colour and is used in food products, children's toys, etc.
  5. Purple: Perfect when we refer to beauty, it produces relaxation. Massage shops, aesthetics, etc.
  6. Green: used for web with reference to nature, which inspire tranquility as the renewable energy sector.
  7. Blue: Perfect for generating confidence and tranquility in the clients. It is used in websites of lawyers or services in general.
  8. Pink: Associated with femininity.
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