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Oliver - Updated on November 25, 2020

We add the latest work done for an online jewelry store. We have made the design of an online store for a jewelry store.

In this case, Maria, who is the jewelry store owner, asked us for a budget to develop a minimalist online store. Study some of the designs and trends for an online store for jewelry stores.

After several web designs for a jewelry store type we opted for a minimalist design where we prioritized the image of the products with a white background.

jewelry store design
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The online store products are broken down into columns of 4 and can be filtered on the store page.

create online jewelry store

Within the design, the potential of the web is in the mobile version. Prioritizing a responsive design that adapts to mobile devices and creating a menu in the footer. By adapting the website to a mobile application to create an unbeatable user experience in the mobile version.

mobile jewellery online store

The individual pages of the jewelry are designed to give full prominence to the product. The product page's design is simple and minimalist, highlighting the buy button to improve customer conversion.

individual jewelry product

Also, Maria has all the benefits of the most widely used content manager today. With the content manager for your online jewelry store, you can include unlimited products, manage your purchases, orders, categories, and web pages of your jewelry store.

If you liked the design, share it on social networks. We help companies in the digital transformation, contact our team to create an online store current and modern like this one.

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