Create website and app? Reasons to develop everything

Create website and app

Create website and app It is a decision that companies and organizations are making more frequently. The effort to conquer all the spaces of the digital world, without leaving any neglected flank.

A few years ago, companies were debating the need to design web pages and were striving to make the transition to the digital world as successful as possible. Today it is still like this, but to this whole recipe an additional ingredient is added: the Mobile application development, as a way to reinforce the strategy.

Consequently, a new discussion forum has been generated around the topic and has to do with the doubts that those companies have. Considering that its web pages are responsive and optimized enough to also incorporate a mobile app for android and iphone.

But the appropriate answer is that any company with these characteristics can take advantage of its receptive assets and incorporate them into its Web Application, the one that will offer users to reach a goal in a few seconds. 

The idea is create a mobile app Well-designed, with only the most relevant web pages integrated directly, for a seamless and seamless experience that keeps users focused and on task. 

Create website and app further enhance the user experience, as in addition to everything offered on the website, applications can provide. For example, push notifications to remind you of important deadlines can help you find specific locations and even trigger other useful messages.

Create website and app: The perfect combination

Another topic that is associated with the great debate on create website and app it has to do with the fact that without both they are necessary.

Some expert developers claim that a web page can help companies reach more users compared to a mobile application. The argument is based on traffic analysis in search engines. This group ensures that in the battle of the application against the website, when it comes to user reach, the winner is the last.

However, the big flaw with this theory is that as an approach it is not adaptable to each particular case. On the other hand, it should be noted that the best possible strategy, based on user experience, should use not only one, but several tools. 

Responsive web design is only part of the job so visitors can have a useful experience. Developing a mobile application takes the matter to the next level by presenting optimized navigation, content and functionality to the user using mobile devices. 

That said, it is not far-fetched to think that while a responsive designed website is very important in ensuring that site visitors have a good experience while browsing. On small devices, for example, organizations can complement their responsive content with an app that gives users the curated experience they expect.

Advantages for developing an application and website

It is not a matter of choosing one or the other, but of betting on both and making the most of all the advantages they represent, among which the following stand out:

  • The app experience can be curated for the specific purpose of users to make it actionable, easy to use, and easily accessible. 
  • Apps can also engage users with push notifications and integration with platform and device capabilities not available on viewing websites only. 
  • These experiences optimized for mobile devices can provide a clearly more attractive, efficient and effective user experience.
  • Responsive web design has become the primary method of dealing with rapidly growing mobile users.
  • A website is one of the most environmentally friendly ways when it comes to advertising and marketing. 
  • Links are very important for viral marketing and with a good website that has content related to information, products or services, people are more likely to link this to theirs.
  • A website gives an opportunity to demonstrate credibility and inform customers why they deserve their trust, which can earn positive feedback for each service or product. 

The digital story of a company with a winning mobile strategy does not end with a website. The idea is that it can work in perfect harmony with an application designed for end users, those that the organization needs satisfied and ready for conversions.

In short, both elements can be considered complementary. That is to say, create website and app it is a shared need, to ensure that users find everything they need.

Yes the web design trend It's a key piece of any digital marketing strategy, but it's really just the first one. The corporate website must be accompanied by an application that combines content, navigation and functionality to help people quickly achieve their goals. 

Create website and app
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