Google SEO Positioning Course + ChatGPT

Oliver - Updated on November 15, 2023
Google SEO positioning course

In an increasingly digitized world, search engine optimization has become a cornerstone for the success of any online business. The SEO and Google Search Engine Optimization course [Updated 2024] emerges as an essential tool for those looking to stand out in this competitive digital space.

Introduction to the SEO course

I am currently preparing a course on SEO positioning and search engine visibility, which is to replicate everything I do with my website and my clients. The 90% of my clients come to me for SEO because of the visibility I have created during these last 15 years (you probably hired me by searching for my website on Google), it is a strategy that I always apply and improve on my website, it is very slow and takes more time but in the long run it results in many more potential customers.

I am still updating the course with the comments of my clients, that if, it will only be for some customers in a limited way, and what will be done will be giving all the necessary recommendations to apply them in your website in a practical way, I will use WordPress.

If you are interested, I'll sign you up for the waiting list. Remember that places are limited and will only be available to a certain number of students.

A practical example of what I want to bring to the clients I have worked with:

Fran, a bonsai lover, was looking to expand his business online. He asked us if he could do the same strategy he had on my website. www.appdesign.devI knew that all my clients come to me looking for me on Google. Although I didn't have this service (because of the time and dedication it takes), I proposed a monthly SEO pack for her online store and little by little we saw results, increasing her visibility on Google. Thanks to our advice and his constant work, Fran's store went from being invisible (see graph below 2019 and 2020) to being on the first pages of search results. This attracted more visitors and increased bonsai sales, leading Fran to success. Her story highlights how SEO can transform an online business and take it to the next level. To that end, I decided to share it with some of my current clients.

Fran's website: can go to his store and ask his opinion, and while you are at it you can buy some bonsai to decorate your home office :).

seo course

GraphicIn the example, the monthly visits are shown, reaching a peak of 1079 visits in the month of September 2023.As you can see, this is a strategy that we have been implementing since January 2021. The data are from customers who search in Google and click on the spaces that are not paid, so there is no cost per click (that is SEO).

Reserve your place (I will limit it to 10 clients only for this year 2024):

What is SEO and why is it crucial for your business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing a website to improve its visibility in search results. A solid SEO strategy can mean the difference between being discovered by your target audience or remaining hidden in the depths of the web.

Detailed course analysis

This course offers a deep dive into SEO strategies. It covers everything from keyword research and link building to on-page SEO optimization. Designed for both beginners and intermediate users, the course is structured in sections that address each aspect of SEO in a comprehensive manner.

Syllabus of the Google SEO Course + GPT Chat [2024]:

  1. Introduction
    1. What is SEO, about the SEO course.
    1. Examples of types of Google searches
    1. Types of SEO strategies: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
    1. How not to be penalized, good SEO practices
  2. Onpage SEO
    1. What is internal SEO - SEO Onpage
    1. About servers and hosting
    1. Web Security
    1. First WordPress configurations
    1. WordPress SEO Plugin
    1. Google Search Console: Robots.txt and Sitemaps
    1. Google Page Speed Optimization and improve loading speed
  3. Offpage SEO
    1. What is Offpage SEO - SEO Offpage
    1. How to work the Domain Authority
    1. Linkbuilding - External link building strategy (websites, blogs, forums)
    1. Local SEO: Google Business Profile
  4. Create SEO optimized content + ChatGPT
    1. Search for keywords to target
    1. Create SEO optimized content
    1. Generate SEO content with ChatGPT
    1. Internal links
  5. Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics
  6. Frequently Asked Questions [Updated].

Course teaching methodologies

Through a combination of theory and practice, the course proposes an interactive learning methodology. Students can apply what they learn in real case studies, providing a comprehensive and applicable learning experience.

Benefits of learning SEO

Mastering SEO can catapult your website to the top positions on Google, which translates into increased visibility, traffic and, ultimately, conversions. It's an invaluable skill for anyone looking to thrive in the digital world.

SEO strategies taught in the course

The course teaches how to identify and apply the most effective keywords, link building techniques and on-page SEO strategies. It also delves into the importance of user experience and how to positively influence key web metrics.

Common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

One of the most valuable aspects of the course is its focus on common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them. This prepares students to face and solve real problems in their SEO strategies.

Student testimonials and experiences

The course has excellent ratings and testimonials from students who have seen tangible results. These success stories are proof of the positive and practical impact of the course.

Comparison with other SEO courses

What distinguishes this course is its updated approach to 2024 and practical, as I will perform it directly by sharing the screen and performing all the necessary configurations for a new project in WordPress.

Unlike other courses that can get bogged down in outdated theories, this one keeps up with the latest trends and changes in search algorithms.

Investment and expected return

The investment in this course is quickly repaid through the skills acquired. Students not only learn SEO, but also gain an in-depth understanding of how to maximize the ROI on their digital efforts.

Keep in mind that seo positioning strategies well done to a website, usually take time to see results in the short term but can benefit us greatly in the long term.

How to register and get started

The enrollment process is simple and accessible. Once enrolled, the student has immediate access to all resources and course materials.

You can join our waiting list by writing to info@appdesign.devAs subject write the name of the course and your full name.

SEO for different types of businesses

This course is suitable for a wide range of businesses and sectors, offering strategies adapted to different needs and objectives.

Updates and future course content

A commitment to constant updating is a cornerstone of the course. Students have access to the latest trends and strategies in SEO, ensuring that their knowledge remains relevant.

Additional resources and support

In addition to the lessons, the course offers additional materials and ongoing support, ensuring that students can effectively apply what they have learned in their projects.

Conclusion and call to action

This course represents an invaluable opportunity for those looking to master SEO and take their online business to the next level. We invite you to enroll and begin your path to SEO success.

Registration through: Subject: SEO course.

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