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We are a web design agency in Malaga. From our company App Design we offer services of website design in Malaga. We are freelance web designers who are experts in create a website in Malaga, online stores, SEO positioning and improve loading speed.

Experience with more than 10 years designing websites for small and large companies. We work providing services of web design in Marbella, Fuengirola, Mijas and Costa del Sol.

Web Design Agency in Malaga

Web design company in Malaga

We help companies in Malaga with the digital transformation, designing websites with the best price and quality for all sectors.

I will tell you a real story of a friend who has a company in Malaga of the design of interiors. My friend's name is David, and he works as an architect designing commercial premises.

David has a web page designed with Wordpress that he made himself with YouTube videos and a lot of time.

The website is a nonsense, among the many errors, takes more than 4 seconds to load, has no SEO optimization, so the meta tags are duplicated, the structure leaves much to be desired, and if that were not enough, the free WordPress template has many errors in the console.

I doubt very much that this website will ever show up in the search engines. After doing a personalized web audit, I recommend him to hire a professional web designer in Málaga.

If I want to build my dog's kennel, I can do it myself, devote my time and money, but if I want to build the house where I will live, I would hire an architect, I would never do the plans. With your web page the same thing happens, you need an web design company in Málaga with experience.

There are many factors when designing a website, visual and internal factors that are not visible, from the chosen design to the web structure, SEO factors, load speed optimization, user experience, and server settings.

David, I finally hired the website. For him, another point that confused him was the price. He said, Why is the price so different between the different web design agencies in Malaga that I have consulted?

Well, we enter into another of the fundamental questions when contracting services of web design Malaga. The price will depend on the experience, quality of the work both visual and internal and the availability of time. I started creating web pages about 350 € more than 10 years ago, of course at that time I did it to learn, I did not earn anything because between consulting costs and payments of the freelance fee I was leaving all the margin, but I liked it and learned with my clients. Currently with the experience I have and the amount of work that I get every day I only do a couple of projects a month to ensure quality, so prices have tripled.

I hope I have solved some doubts, if you want to know more about me I leave you my website.

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to help you 😊.

Web development in Malaga

We begin by conducting a personalized study for each client. We give an estimate according to the needs of each company, creating a personalized web design budget.

Our Agency of web design MalagaThe company works with the latest web design systems to provide the best service to our clients. We are chosen among the best web design company in Malaga for our closeness to the needs of each client, modern web design proposals optimized for SEO, as well as the speed of loading.

Web Design Malaga
Web design company Málaga

Web design Malaga: personalized web for each client

There are many factors to consider when design your website. In addition to providing support and advice, we will advise you according to the latest trends and conduct a study to find out which companies operate in your sector.

Hello, ¿I need a website?. This is usually the first contact we receive from our customers in Malaga. Once the presentations are done, we make sure we have all the important information to publish your website with the highest possible quality.

How much does it cost to design a website in Malaga?

There is not a base price, an expert designer will study all your needs, advising you if you require it to give you a personalized proposal. You will have seen the difference in price between web design companies. This is due to many of the following factors: experience of web designer, design quality, functions and structure of the web design, if you need to optimize the website for SEO, graphic material, content creation, etc.. Do not fall into the trap of choosing a cheap web design company, quality and experience are paid for.

What do we offer?

We work with WordpressThe best content management system. Websites such as the White House, the New York Times or the official website of Sweden are built with Wordpress. We do not only create web pages, we optimize them to be fast, safe and positioned in Google.

How long does it take?

From 3 weeks for a basic corporate website, to 3 months for more complete projects.

Do you have hosting?

We have the best hosting on the market. We know the importance of having updated and optimized systems to make your website safe and fast. We are sure that you will stay with us, so we offer you the first year in high speed hosting for free.

What makes you different from other web design companies in Malaga?

  1. Experience: We have been creating websites for more than 15 years.
  2. Innovation: we are constantly growing. No limits in development, if you need to grow we are your web design agency. We implement payment systems, CRM, marketplace platforms, eCommerce systems and much more.
  3. Experts in Applications: we created your app for FREE, yes, you read it right. Your website will detect if a mobile device has entered to offer to download the web in App format for Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows. These applications are called Progressive Web App, Welcome to the future.
Web Design Malaga

Websites in Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola

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Website design in Malaga

Our web design agency in Malaga works with the latest tools in website design within the reach of our customers. We will create a modern, fast and secure website for your business:

  1. Professional Web Design 2020: Mobile first, responsive mobile design, administration panel, fast loading web pages and SEO are many of the web development services.
  2. Web site security: we design with the latest versions of PHP, CMS (content management system) and databases.
  3. Support and warranty included: Once your website is finished, we will make sure that everything works properly.
  4. WordPress: the best content manager: We create web pages with WordPress, being the most used content manager nowadays.
  5. Custom web page development: We scale up your project so that you never stop growing. We have a team of programmers to provide solutions to any web project.
  6. SEO: web pages optimized for seo positioning in Malaga with Google Mybusiness.
  7. GDPR: We comply with European data protection policies.
  8. Fast loading: The highest upload speed for your website.

It has a team of professional web developers with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing websites and online stores.

Contact AppDesign today to create your website:

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