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Are you looking for a way to revolutionize the financial world and create your own brand? At App Design, we are experts in cryptocurrency development and we can help you do it!

We are one of the best cryptocurrency development service companies in the market.. We have a team of experts passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that will help you create a customized digital currency that fits the needs of your business and your users.
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Blockchain Development Agency

Kryptomoney Development Services

Companies are betting on the crypto-currenciesThe block-chain technology of Bitcoin, has become an investment priority among banks, individuals, governments and businesses.

Considered as the money of the future, crypto currency is a digital asset developed to function securely as a transaction exchange.

Some of the work we do with crypto-currencies based on fork with ethereum:

  • Altcoins DevelopmentCrypto: creation of crypto-currencies by taking advantage of secure blockchain technology.
  • Kryptomone Exchange SoftwareThe creation of platforms to exchange crypto-currencies.
  • Portfolio creationWe develop secure wallets for cryptographic coins.
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Development agency with Blockchain technology

As App Design is one of the leading developers of software, websites and tools related to blockchain technologyWe create software for the financial market and exchange-based applications.

We offer development services for cryptographic currency exchange softwareFrom the development of the ICO to the necessary options for currency supply and portfolio configurations.

We have the necessary experience for the programming of secure code for crypto currencies.

We use the latest technology in the development of decentralized crypto-currencies such as Hashgraph.

Ethereum ERC20 token development: portfolio and crypto-currency creation

Complete solution for token development services based on Ethereum ERC20. leading agency in web and app development for companies.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We will study your needs personally.

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What do we offer you to create your project with Blockchain?

Own Exchange Platform

If you're going to start your new business with cryptosystems and blockchain, you may need to create an ICO / STO / IEO. From the exchange platform will be able to sell the tokens You're in the right place because AppDesign helps you get started with your digital currency very easily.

development exchange platform crypto-currencies
  • ICO/STO. token sales management panel
  • Inverter panel.
  • Compatible with all major cryptosystems (ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, BNB, TRX, XLM, XRP, USDT, USDC, DASH) and with today's currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, TRY, NGN, INR, RUB).
  • Management system of bonus for affiliates. So that the investor can invite more people to enter his platform obtaining commissions.
  • 2-layer security as Two-step authentication (2FA) for each user so they can protect their account.
  • You can manage your token amount, low limit/fixed limit, token price, bonus at each stage and set the address of the payment portfolio which is automatically applied in the purchase process.
  • Payment gateway: crypto-currencies, bank transfer and PayPal.
  • View transactions and details of users and administrators.
  • In addition, you will have direct access to our client marketplace developed at from where your cryptomoney will be linked.

Kryptomoney with Token ERC20

We'll create a token ERC 20 based on the Ethereum blockchain. A crypto-currency has its own blockchain and a token is based on the blockchain of an existing crypto-currency. A token has the advantage that it relies on an already established and solid infrastructure in the crypto-currency market.

create your own kryptonet
  • We will set up the initial coin offer.
  • How to distribute them
  • Creation of your name.
  • Design of your symbol.
  • And many other aspects.
  • Installation of a wallet for the new crypt-currency.
  • Creation of the Ethereum Wallet for the deployment of smart contracts.
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How much does it cost to create a kryptonet?

Proprietary Exchange Platform + Cryptomoney based on Ethereum ERC 20

Each Blockchain development is unique, the cost of the whole project will depend on the work and difficulty. We advise you to contact a team of Blockchain developers to make a personalized study

Programming of your own crypto-currency

To develop your own currency, you will need a team of cryptographers and developers to develop your own algorithm. The costs for this type of service start at 50,000 usd.

Server + Domain to host your crypto currency

You have three options that we at App Design offer our clients through Rocket Host:

1. Managed Dedicated Server.
2. Google Cloud Server.
3. AWS Cloud Server.

For security reasons we do not recommend mounting projects on shared or VPS servers.
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IMPORTANT NOTEBlockChain development projects are based on the following 15.000 €,
from here on it will depend on the needs of each project independently.
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