Website design for an architecture studio

Web design for architecture studio

Our company performs Website design for an architecture studio. We create web pages for architects, complete web renewal for studies.

One of ours web page designs most current, is the creation of webpages for a architecture studio. Query website price for your company

In this article, we will leave you some of our latest latest designs. Websites optimized for professional architects, web design for decorators or web design for construction companies.

Web pages for architecture studio

We start by assembling a design with the air menu. To give a greater effect to the background images, although each client has their preferences. Be more classic or modern we adapt recommending the web design for the most current architecture studio for your company.

These images will change dynamically within the web page slider. You can modify the main banner of your website at any time. Something we already do for him interior design landing page.

Design creation for architecture companies

design website architecture
architecture studio design


web for architects

The main thing for a home page of the web design for architecture studio, is to know the company quickly. With an introductory text about the study of architecture. In this case the architects sent us the content about their company and some photo of their main office.

Our client asked us for a current and simple design. We try to simplify all the contents of the website with great images.

We also consider it very important, for this type of architecture studio, to build a portfolio. Said portfolio of works so that the company could put the works carried out. It would be sorted by date of publication of each project and distributed by categories. Having great importance see the work done on your website. Users who visit your corporate website may now have a better experience.

A portfolio system to present your work could have the style of the following structure.

Examples of web designs for architects

Portfolio of works

It is also important to have a filtering system, in this case we build a filter in the simple but useful portfolio, with usability and aesthetics that always rewards the customer.

portfolio with filtering

The filtering of projects is broken down into years of creation, location of the work done and associated categories to distribute your company's projects in an orderly, simple and effective way.

If you need advice or have any questions regarding the creation of your website, you can contact our team of web designers and developers. We will guide you and give a personalized proposal at the best cost.

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