Website design company in Amsterdam

Granada Web Design

From our AppDesign company we offer services of Web design in Amsterdam.Web designers specialized by the University of Amsterdam in Web-page design, online stores and Mobile application development.

We help companies create their web pages with a budget as we adjust the resources according to the needs to achieve the price.

Granada web design company

Application development in Amsterdam

One of the main outputs for companies in 2019 has been the expansion and expansion of their company through the internet, in some cases tripling their benefit thanks to the wide market that exists on the network and which you can access permanently, It sells every day of the year 24 hours a day throughout Spain and part of the world.

We also do some courses to emagister or collaborations with the Amsterdam design school.

Web design company in Amsterdam

Optimized structure for positioning: thanks to the latest updates of all our websites with the optimized structure for positioning we can position the main website in 2 to 4 weeks in first position. Also add an expert from our team specialized in SEO positioning in Search Engines. High in Google, market places ... meta tags, sitemaps ... are some of the many optimizations we do. You have to have many factors in mind when setting up your website, then I will put the main points when creating your project and company image and reach the top, competing among the best, we from Pomegranate we are dedicated to update each day getting to have the latest technology on web design within the reach of our clients, we recommend following a series of steps for your website that we carry out in all our projects:

  1. Professional Web Design 2018: Thanks to the latest licenses acquired, we have the best optimized designs for 2018 with adaptability for mobile phones, tablets… you have to take into account that these devices already exceed more than 50% of the market. Also the latest formats in CMS, HTML 5 ... that optimize the web, this point is very important since outdated formats such as Java penalize Google or any other search engine.
  2. Web security, our websites have their own server and registration where everything will be in your name, we do not work outsourcing these services like 90% of small businesses in web design, this makes us realize a security since we do not have more than 100 websites on our server compared to the thousands and thousands of websites that other hosting providers put on the same server, so our server since our beginnings has not had any fall and It has a 100% effectiveness to date.

Many more are the factors to consider, to design a web page in Pomegranate. We create your website with total professionalism, ask for what you need since we have experts in various sectors such as servers, web design Amsterdam, online stores, security, company logo design or Digital Marketing. We adapt to your needs, being able to give you the best cheapest prices without neglecting the quality of our services, a fundamental point in AppDesign.

If you want to ask any questions, please contact our web designers through our web quotes and apps form.

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