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Example of positioning with SSL certificate according to Google

After the latest news about SSL certificate optimized for SEO positioning  Google where the main novelty is the importance it will give Google to the secure websites, that is, all that website that uses a SSL certificate To encrypt your website. Security is one of Google's top priorities and for this in the following update it gives relevance to a factor that was already taking time to arrive, such as certificates on web pages.

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If you need to install an SSL certificate on your website you can hire it from our website from € 45 with installation and configuration included: Install SSL Certificate. Our 2048-bit certificate is recommended by Google as explained in the following statement.

We offer services of web maintenance with the installation and configuration of the free SSL Certificate for your website. If you do not know, How to obtain an SSL certificate for your website, we help you in the process.

Google prioritizes websites optimized with SSL Certificate

Google has announced that websites with HTTPS, certificates mounted on a 2048-bit SSL on a web page will give you a lower ranking boost.

Example of positioning with SSL certificate according to Google

Google says that this gives websites a small benefit in the ranking of positioning, it only counts as a slight boost in the general ranking algorithm. In fact, Google said that this carries less weight than other signals, such as high quality content, but it is still a factor to take into account. Based on their tests, Google says it has an impact on less than 1% of global queries, but said they can decide to strengthen the signal, as they want to encourage all web pages to switch from HTTP to HTTPS and keep All user data safe on the web.

Google also said that based on its tests for the past few months, the HTTPS signal showed positive results in terms of relevance and ranking in Google's search results.

Examples of positioning for a page with and without SSL Certificate

In App Design we take the latest releases and updates on the websites very seriously, so we have made an example on one of our pages by installing only the SSL Certificate of 2048 without touching the content so we can see how it evolves in the ranking over time.

To carry out this study we took a stagnant page that did not move from the Google ranking and we mounted one of our SSL certificates. We have been a month since we set it up, we will be updating this article and leaving the evolution of the page with HTTPS:

Changes in the ranking after installing an SSL Certificate

Keyword: "Company logo design"

Initial position: Page 8 in position 6.

After a month: Page 7 in position 5.

After two months: Page 6 in position 8.

After three months: Page 6 in position 6.

Once the study is done, we can confirm the improvement of positioning with web pages mounted on HTTPS with SSL certificate. As Google reported the improvement is minimal, even for a normal website, a minimum improvement will generate a large traffic of visitors to our website. It is certainly a parameter to consider and that is gradually becoming mandatory for all web pages.

In conclusion, the main reason, in the need to encrypt our website, is the trust to our customers and Google knows it. Improve the user experience, giving confidence through your website.

Example of positioning with SSL certificate according to Google
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