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Website design for your law firmWe create web design for lawyers. examples of websites As a lawyer it is important to have a letter of introduction that inspires confidence in your clients.

Our web design company will give you advice to create your website. They are usually simple designs, without many functions, although we have also made specific systems for some customers. Including the latest web design trends.

Web systems with booking form by means of calendars. Websites with several languages. Also, we create online stores with sale of legal services.

Web design for a law firm

By way of advice, we will leave you with some points that we consider important about web design for lawyers.

  1. Main page.
  2. About us.
  3. Services.
  4. Blog.
  5. Contact.
  6. SEO optimization of websites in search engines.
  7. Responsive system, adaptable to mobile devices and tablets.


  1. Reservations by means of calendars.
  2. Language system.
  3. Client manager, we create intranet for companiesSharing documentation, invoices, legal documents.
  4. Online chat.

Example of web design made for lawyers

lawyer website
web design lawyers
web legal services
wordpress topic lawyers

If you need to consult the complete design of each image, you can send us an enquiry. We can also make a customised web page design for you. You can leave us all the details from the budget for your website We will study each project personally to adapt to your needs.

Web development systems we use

Nowadays anyone can build a website for their company. There are many web builders and programming systems to automate the processes. These types of builders have structures without updating.

As a consequence your website will be correctly optimized for seo positioning in search engines. Being our priority the constant growth of our clients, we use the latest technology and adapt the structure to the latest recommendations from Google.

Websites with WordPress

We make updated web pages for lawyers. Our web pages are developed with the latest updates of the most important content manager at present. Our company, expert in web pages with WordPress, will guide you through the whole process.

For complex systems we use web development with Symfony2Symfony, is one of the most powerful frameworks for creating custom web pages totally customized. We give a custom design.

Our team of designers would be at your disposal to solve any kind of doubt.

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