Website design for an architecture studio

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on August 4, 2019

Our company performs web design for an architectural firmWe create web pages for architects, complete web renovation for studios.

Web design for architecture studio

One of our web designs the most current, is the website creation for a architecture firmInquiry web page price for your company.

In this article, we will leave you with some of our latest designs. Websites optimized for professional architects, web design for decorators o web design for construction companies.

Websites for architectural offices

We start by assembling a design with the menu in the air. To give a greater effect to the background images, although each client has their preferences. Whether more classic or modern we adapt by recommending the most current architecture studio web design for your company.

These images will change dynamically within the slider of the web page. You will be able to modify the main banner of your web page at any time. Something we already did for the design of an interior design landing page.

Creation of designs for architectural companies

website design architecture
design for architecture studio
architect's website

The main thing for a homepage of the web design for architecture studio, is to know quickly the company. With an introduction text about the architecture studio. In this case the architects sent us the content about their company and some pictures of their main office.

Our client asked us for a current and simple design. We tried to simplify all the contents of the website with large images.

We also consider very important, for this type of architecture studies, to build a portfolio. This portfolio of work so that the company could put the work done. It would be ordered by date of publication of each project and distributed by categories. Having a great importance to see the work done on your website. Users who visit your corporate website, may now have a better experience.

A portfolio system to present your work could be in the style of the following structure.

Examples of web designs for architects

Portfolio of works

It is also important to have a filtering system, in this case we built a filter in the portfolio simple but useful, with a usability and aesthetics that always rewards the client.

filtered portfolio

The project filtering is broken down into years of creation, location of work done and associated categories to distribute your company's projects in an orderly, simple and effective manner.

If you need advice or have any questions regarding the creation of your website, you can contact our team of web designers and developersWe will guide you and give you a personalized proposal at the best cost.

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