Website design for doctors

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on August 2, 2019

Website design for doctors and dental clinics. reamos your website for dentists, cosmetic surgery centers, hospitals, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, traumatologists, pediatricians, otolaryngologists, hematologists, radiology, digestive

Web design for medical clinics

All what you need to create web pages You will have many functions updated with the latest versions and optimized for search engine positioning. We link your website with google maps and social networks.

Our medical web designs are made based on the functions you need for your medical practice. We develop websites for transport companies, web design for dental clinic or we perform web and app design.

Website for doctors

Your website will have a powerful content manager where you can publish news about your sector. You will have a control panel to update your portfolio of work with images distributed in categories. We create systems to book appointments by calendar.

The organization chart or sections we recommend:

  • HomeThe main page where you can put all the quick information that your company has. We always recommend a brief summary of each section with links to the sections where they will be broken down. Implement the services offered by your clinic.
  • TeamWe designed a section where the team, the qualifications and preparation of each of the members of the company and their position in the medical practice are made known.
  • About usYour brand will make your website unique and exclusive.
  • Portfolio You can update and manage all the results of your work from a control panel.
  • Medical Services Pages with each of the professional services your dental or medical clinic offers.
  • BlogPublish the news related to the medical sector of your company.
  • Reservation calendarBy accessing your website they can leave their details and register to book an appointment. Your patients can check the days and times on your calendar and confirm a consultation.
  • ContactWe will link your contact information, phone, email, form, google maps.
  • Social networkingIf you have them, they will be linked to your website.

Application development for doctors

We are a mobile application development agency for doctors. In addition to building your clinic's website we offer the design of the progressive mobile application.

Among the functions we recommend:

A responsive system that adapts to mobile devices and tablets. We are a wordpress expert company and professionals Prestashop experts for shops

We design the complete system, from the domain registration to the server where the web files will be hosted. We will include the corporate emails and manage them to forward them to your email.

Why have your own website for your clinic?

Today we work to offer the best service to our customers. It does not work to have a physical consultation. Potential customers compare, look and make decisions based on factors that are more complete every day. Before visiting any restaurant or company visit the website or the Google maps tab associated with your website. Not having a website or having an unupdated website can reduce your customers by about 20 % according to recent studies of the last year.

Having a professional and quality website has become an obligatory factor for the renewal of companies.

Being able to see the facilities without going to the clinic, see the client ratings without knowing anyone who has visited your practice, or even make an appointment through your website, are all factors that benefit your personal brand.

Ask us for an estimate and hire your new medical clinic website today. Our website designers for your dental clinic, hospital or medical centre will advise you and send you a personalised proposal.

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