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Design of web pages for dentists. We create the website for companies dentistry clinics Our web designers will make the whole web in a personalized way. We advise you at all times on the latest design trends and website development for clinics.

Examples of web design for dentists

We begin by making one of our latest designs for a dental clinic. In this case, located in Madrid. In the first contact, the client provides us with the information required by their website. We study some competitive designs located near your location.

The chosen image shows the design by which our client finally decided. We send several web design proposals, we can also adjust the design of some other company.

We prepare all the internal sections that the dental clinic will take. We recommend some extra points that were added once the website was finished. We develop the online reservation system where patients can book an appointment. We also suggest that you can implement an online sales system where the customer can pay for their service directly.

After requesting your budget, dental clinic will implement the payment system in the future. Our system allows you to pay by credit cards, paypal, transfer or in person.

We turn your website into service application.

Web design for a dental clinic

We assemble the following sections, some of them suggested by the AppDesign developer team:

  1. Homepage:
    In this section, a web page design is designed to inform the most important services. As a presentation, I would mount a banner with sliding images in the header. Below is a brief explanation of the main services they offer as endodontics, periodontics, general dentistry, prostheses, TMJ dysfunction, aesthetics and teeth whitening.
  2. Services:
    All specialized services of the dental clinic, pages with texts and images.
  3. Facilities:
    One of the points that we consider important for the client. In it, you can visualize through a gallery of images the facilities and machines of the clinic.
  4. Team of dentists:
    Make your team known through your website. In our case, we include the images of the team of dentists that make up the company, with links to their social networks, image, since it occupies in the clinic and area.
  5. Blog:
    News blog Section where dentists can update the latest news of your company and the results of your patients.
  6. Contact:
    A contact form that links to the location on google maps. All information such as telephone, email and custom form to request a quote.

Web development for dental clinics


After these sections we also advise some points such as the integrated online payment system, online chat, languages ... that our client will implement in the future.

Our web design company works to offer the latest developments and web design services for dentists. Studying and improving every day with the advice they give us from the general advice of dentists in Spain.

If you need more information to create your web design or improve the one you have, do not hesitate to consult with our team of expert developers. We will advise you at all times and show the latest news to improve your dental clinic and grow online.

Web design for dentists
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