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Oliver - Updated on July 2, 2019

One of the sectors that is asking us most renew your website, it's the constructionWe keep creating web designs for construction and renovation companiesThe renovation of old-fashioned web pages, allows us to update the web design of our clients.

Web design company construction

For this project we will present several proposals, along with the design that we finally put together for our client's construction company, giving priority to the usability of the studio's website.

The website includes an updated control panel system by means of a CMS. These are administration panels that we set up so that our clients can access their website to publish articles in a blog, change the content of the website or images. In this case, we were interested in updating the portfolio of projects that the construction company has created. This portfolio is distributed by images and categories. When accessing a specific project, the client will be able to see all the content, all the images of the developments, an attached pdf, videos and text about the promotion of built houses.

We present you the 5 proposals of web design for the construction and integral reforms company:

Examples of web design for construction and renovation companies

Proposal 1
proposal 3
proposal 4
proposal 5

All the designs are built according to the official standards that I recommend to Google. Mounting a clean and simple structure with a responsive system where the website is adapted to mobile devices and tablets. We are inspired by, building websites like FerrovialJohn Turner.

You will also have a self-managing control panel to publish your projects, news on the blog, or modify the contents and images without the need of a programmer or web developer. You will not need technical knowledge to modify the contents.

The system is built in CMS, totally updated nowadays, with a structure system based on adaptable screens, optimized for seo positioning in search engines.

We also offer you our fast load servers, with availability of up to 10 corporate emails for your company, as well as the option of encrypt your website with a secure SSL certificateThis is important if you need to collect data through forms.

If you need any kind of web assembly, our team of professional programmers will guide you in the development of your web page. We carry out totally customized works. In addition to converting the web of your business to mobile application with Progressive Web AppThe company is also a leader in the field of marketing, a sector in constant growth where you will increase your customers.

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