Augmented Reality Company

Application development company with virtual reality and augmented reality

We are a company that works with augmented reality. We develop virtual reality applications and augmented reality, connected to the camera of your smartphone. In AppDesign, we create mobile applications using the latest technologies offered by industry 4.0.

augmented reality company

We use augmented reality and virtual reality for our apps

Augmented Reality (AR)

The AR applications unite the real and virtual world. Digital 2D graphics, 3D models, abstract information and inaccessible database entries are finding their way back into our everyday life and the context of the real environment. Innovative marketing, increased productivity, minimisation of risks during the working day of employees, modern knowledge transfer: this and much more is possible in augmented reality. Take your company to the next level.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The virtual reality applications They make it possible to travel in time and space in a virtual world. Digitised environments can be visited from any location. Fantastic and real worlds are accessible from anywhere in the world. Alone or through the approach of several users, virtual scenarios invite visitors to marvel and connect. The Virtual Reality application offers innovative possibilities to explore new scenarios anywhere.

3D and 360-degree development

The AR, MR and VR applications they contain virtual content that can be explored three-dimensionally and used interactively. The contents for real-time mobile terminal applications, whether complex and animated 3D models, photos 360 degree panoramic or clean 3D vector graphics, they must be suitable for many technical conditions. Even the content requires strict planning, implementation, and integration throughout the entire development process.

App design with augmented reality

Application programmers and web developers with VR, AR and 3D.

Apps with augmented reality

As an agency specialised in develop applications on demand with augmented reality.We have been planning, developing and maintaining individual solutions for innovative augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) scenarios for our clients and partners for years.
As a design services company, we also offer content creation, 3D models and interactive animations, as well as 360 ° panoramic videos.
Real-time application programming on mobile terminal devices and desktop systems oriented to the development of Internet of Things apps.

Virtual reality agency
augmented reality company

Apps with Virtual Reality

Innovating and investing in AR has given us some impressive compliments. Not sure where to start with Augmented Reality? Talk to us first.
We will answer your questions and show you how augmented reality will open up new opportunities for your brand.
A consultation with our programmers and developers will help your brand make the most of the new reality.
Product visualization is an approach before you buy for the digital era, a way to put your products (virtually) in the hands of your customers. We will deliver a high-quality product presentation application that will show your products in an innovative, immersive and interactive way.

Augmented Reality Company
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