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Review with our designers the best web design trends in 2020 and get inspired to carry out your web pages in style.

10 o'clock top web design trends in 2020

– Micro interactions: They are small visual cues that are activated when a user executes a certain action when interacting with an interface. They happen day by day. Every time you give 'like ' to a photo on Facebook or you hover over a button and it changes color. That is a micro interaction.

We are seeing more and more micro interactions this year in dweb page design. Providing context and helping users and recharging the usability of our sites and apps. They let you know that a subtle or delicate action has caused a change and does not need to be done again. Be loaders or animated icons. An effective micro interaction ensures you get engagement and informs you at the same time.

Website design trends

Microinteraction can also easily replace longer processes. We can ask the user for their opinion by choosing three or four emoticons instead of filling out a boring online form. But to function correctly, every microinteraction needs to have a single, relevant and necessary purpose. The user gets nothing from this interaction, it loses meaning and is disused.

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices: The responsive web design or adaptive to cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. It has become popular in recent years thanks to the rise of mobile devices. To the point that, more than a trend, design mobile-first ("Mobile first") is the new standard for responsive web design, even from PC's.

It follows that mobile functions, such as the hidden hamburger menu or the full-width screen, will soon be common in web page developments desktop. Trend that we will show in most of the design proposals in this list.

1. Modern and minimalist web pages

However the responsive web design it may fail if it has not been created correctly. Both programmers and designers must ensure, on the one hand, to avoid the use of CSS and JavaScript when loading images that add unnecessary weight to a page. On the other hand, pay special attention to those plugins from third parties that are negatively impacting performance.

Material Design: Unlike the until recently prevailing Flat Design, Material Design is a Google design regulation focused on the homogeneous display of the Android operating system for all its devices. Which leads in 2020 those most realistic designs with physical surfaces and edges, with fills and depth effects such as light and shadow; thus indicating what is touched and how it moves.

Illustrations: Knowing how to draw is back in fashion in 2020, as more and more web design companies They are hiring illustrators and graphic designers to create illustrations in their websites; thus adding designs with personality and, therefore, a reinforcement of the visual identity of their brands. Illustrations are versatile: from smudges to lines and from realism to surrealism, including cartoons.

2. Animations and large images

Animations: More than a flashy trick, these have become a key element of all storytelling, even marketing, by create website; because as we move in a Web page each animation tells us a part of a story. Making the user experience (web page design with UX) be more interactive, entertaining and mnemonic.

Animations are getting more and more trend in Web design and they are included in most WordPress templates. Among them, GIFs continue to stand out on our screens, thanks to the fever of memes and their capacity for viral reproduction. But now there is a new form of GIF: the cinemagraph; that is to say, those images of fixed background where a figure has a repetitive movement, creating an animated loop.

3. Clean and clear design

Among other animations that are fashionable in the web page development This 2020, we highlight the hidden hamburger menus, the effects hover to highlight buttons or links, the galleries in the form of carrousel or slideshow and the backgrounds with animations or videos. Some lend themselves to user interaction while others do not.

Long sections to get around (Scroll): Since nowadays users have become accustomed to doing a lot Scroll on their mobile devices, the current exercise of Web programming no longer cares about create web pages with short sections that concentrate all the content at the top. Rather now they spread it out in long sections that perfectly include storytelling (storyteller).

-Vivid Colors Gradients and Duotones: At Web design From 2020 we are seeing two great reappearances: the gradient and the two-tone vivid colors. In fact, the color has been nominated in all the awards ceremonies. The kaleidoscopic gradient effects with two shades have returned stomping; being perfect for processes branding and, in that sense, accepted by brands and publishers.

4. Colors and styles

The blanks of minimalist fashions no longer have to be so white. Now these may well be full of rich and beautiful colors, and still be used as a graphic element where the elements shine but breathe each other. Although not all web designs They can or should use bold color palettes.

Gradients and duotones are ultimately the same two-color overlay effect, consisting of “printing” a two-tone image of the same color, or between black and a tint of some color. It is generally called a gradient when the color is applied to a flat background, following a horizontal, vertical, circular pattern, etc. While duotone is called the effect of applying only two colors to any given image.

5. Web structure

  • Bold Typography: Not everything can be right angles and rational patterns. More and more companies are using large, eye-catching typeface, which can even mimic our manual calligraphy, to present their websites main. Such boldness in typography works best when the rest of the Web design The page has an immaculate and minimalist appearance.
  • The Images “Hero”: They are very visual and aesthetic images that we find just entering certain websites, because they occupy the entire screen; Thus, it is a powerful resource to capture the user's attention from the first moment. They have been used for years, only now we are so used to these presentation images that we continue to make scroll towards the content below them.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA): Understanding by such those normal applications that, because they are stored on our Internet servers, we do not need to download them on our mobile devices, it follows that progressive web applications do not need to app store or play store.

6. Mobile first

This is important for our topic because since 2020 web design has tended to be more like application design, even at the level of Web development. Therefore, this 2020 the user experiences (UX) in websites they are also being developed as if they were applications.

This is ten web design trends so far this year 2020. Now is your turn. Do these trends inspire you for your site or blog? We await your comments!

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Website design trends 2019
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