Top 10 App Development Companies in Italy

Oliver - Updated on June 19, 2024

If you are in Italy and need a app development reliable and efficient, you are in the right place. This list presents the Top 10 app development companies in Italyhighlighting their services, advantages and how they can help you transform your business.

App development companies Italy

The following is a detailed list of the most important best app development companies in Italyselected for their experience, innovation and ability to solve specific business problems.

Benefits of App Development

Why Develop an App?

  1. Process OptimizationA well-designed app can automate and optimize internal processes, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.
  2. Improved User ExperienceApps offer a personalized user experience, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Access to New MarketsMobile apps allow companies to reach a wider audience, including users who prefer to interact via mobile devices.
  4. Data CollectionThey provide an excellent platform for collecting user data, allowing companies to better understand their audience and adapt their strategies.
  5. Increase in salesFacilitate the buying process, which can translate into increased sales and conversions.

Top 10 App Development Companies in Italy

1. AppDesign,

Top 10 application development agencies
  • Location: Italian, Spain, Germany and Mexico. Perfect for developing your international app.
  • ServicesMobile application development, UX/UI design, technology consulting.
  • SpecializationCustom applications, digital transformation. Large international team to launch your application in different countries and languages.
  • Why Choose ThemAppDesign focuses on the development of customized applications that are exactly tailored to the client's needs, offering innovative solutions and advanced technology.
  • Case StudiesThey have worked with companies such as Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, developing apps that optimize travel management and user experience.

2. Neosperience

  • LocationBrescia
  • ServicesMobile app development, digital consulting, artificial intelligence solutions.
  • SpecializationCustomer experience, artificial intelligence.
  • Why Choose ThemNeosperience combines AI expertise with app development, creating innovative solutions that improve customer interaction.
  • Case StudiesThey have developed solutions for major brands such as Prada and Eni, improving customer interaction and optimizing internal processes.

3. Synesthesia

  • Location: Turin
  • ServicesApp development, digital marketing, UX/UI consulting.
  • SpecializationUser experience, integrated digital solutions.
  • Why Choose ThemWith a focus on UX/UI design, Synesthesia creates apps that not only work well, but also provide an outstanding user experience.
  • Case Studies: They worked with Juventus Football Club, developing an app that significantly improved the fan experience.

4. Webviews

  • Location: Italy
  • ServicesMobile app development, e-commerce solutions, technology consulting.
  • SpecializationE-commerce, business applications.
  • Why Choose ThemE-commerce expertise makes them the ideal choice for companies looking to integrate mobile apps with their online stores.
  • Case Studies: Created a sales app for Luxottica that integrated its e-commerce operations with inventory management.

5. No Gravity

no gravity
  • Location: Italy
  • ServicesMobile app development, web solutions, graphic design.
  • SpecializationInterface design, web development.
  • Why Choose ThemMixel excels in the design of attractive and functional interfaces, which improves the usability of its applications.
  • Case Studies: Developed an interactive app for the Capodimonte Museum, which enhanced the visitor experience.


  • LocationBologna
  • ServicesDevelopment of mobile apps, web applications, custom software solutions.
  • SpecializationCustom Apps, software integration.
  • Why Choose ThemBEEAPP focuses on customized solutions that are exactly tailored to the customer's needs, ensuring applications that truly solve specific problems.
  • Case Studies: Created a fleet management app for Ducati, improving the tracking and efficiency of its logistics.

7. MOX Studio

  • Location: Italy and Switzerland
  • ServicesMobile app development, UX/UI design solutions, digital branding.
  • SpecializationUX/UI design, interactive applications.
  • Why Choose Them: Its focus on digital branding ensures that apps are not only functional but also coherent with the brand identity.
  • Case Studies: Developed an app for the restaurant chain Eataly, improving reservation management and user experience.

8. Lascaux

  • LocationFlorence
  • ServicesSoftware development, mobile apps, IT solutions.
  • Specialization: Technological innovation, development of digital products.
  • Why Choose ThemWith a focus on innovation, Lascaux offers technology solutions that help companies stay at the forefront of their industries.
  • Case Studies: Developed a visitor management app for Gucci, facilitating the scheduling and tracking of appointments in their stores.

9. Tangodev

  • LocationCremona
  • ServicesMobile app development, enterprise software solutions, cloud services.
  • SpecializationEnterprise software, cloud solutions.
  • Why Choose ThemNerio specializes in business applications that integrate complex processes, providing cloud solutions for efficient management.
  • Case Studies: Developed a human resources management app for Barilla, improving efficiency in personnel administration.

10. Makeitapp

  • Location: Milano
  • ServicesMobile app development, sustainability consulting, green digital solutions.
  • SpecializationSustainability, green technology solutions.
  • Why Choose ThemGreenIdea combines app development with a focus on sustainability, ideal for companies looking for environmentally responsible technology solutions.
  • Case Studies: Created an app for waste management at Enel, improving traceability and recycling of materials.


Choose the a suitable app development company in Italy depends on your specific needs and business objectives.

Each of these companies offers something unique, from UX/UI expertise to specialization in cloud solutions and sustainability.

By considering each company's services, expertise and case studies, you can make an informed decision that will ensure the success of your app development project.

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