The best WordPress Hosting: Security and Performance

best wordpress hosting

Our service network expands. We collaborate with the specialized hosting provider for WordPress Rocket Host. Experts in Cloud architecture from Amazon and Google for WordPress, offering the best performance with the latest NVMe SSD servers. We bring you an analysis of the best hosting servers' best combination for your WordPress website on the market.

best wordpress hosting

1. Next-Generation NVMe SSD Hard Drives

If you want to improve your website's performance, migrate your website to an updated provider now. Rocket Host is a hosting company that mounts its servers with the latest generation of NVMe hard drives, up to 10 times faster than an HHD / SATA.

NVMe hard drives are here to stay. Thanks to its low latency and high reading speed, you will earn points in your speed test. Improve the performance of your website and also accelerate its databases, data repositories, real-time analysis, and mobile applications.

2. Optimized Hosting for WordPress: higher web speed

The hosting packs offered by the NVMe hosting company, include optimization in loading speed for WordPress web pages.

You need a next-generation WordPress server. Rocket Host hosting includes an easy-to-use Plesk control panel with Gzip compression for WordPress, the higher loading speed for your website by compressing files at the server level.

3. Hosting with one-click WordPress installation

In addition to performance, you will have an easy-to-use control panel where you can create email accounts, install your WordPress without technical knowledge in web design.

An automated system with the latest WordPress version will install your system, create and connect your database and deliver the keys to the email, without the need to program.

4. Updates for WordPress, PHP, and Plesk

We are working to offer the latest versions in PHP 7.4 for your website. You have a control panel that is updated every day.

The importance of having an updated system, both for WordPress and your server, becomes more excellent performance and security.

5. WordPress security module

Nowadays, installing a security plugin inside your WordPress dashboard is not enough. Most security flaws occur through the server. This is why Rocket Host has a maximum security module to shield your WordPress website through your control panel.

6. Free SEO audit module for WordPress

Being able to have a FREE SEO auditor on your website is already possible. Launch an audit and generate a list to improve your website in search engines. Analyze your website and keep track of SEO and keywords on your website.

7. Hosting Maintenance included - WordPress Expert Maintenance

It has a team of domain and hosting experts to solve any problem that occurs on your website. Hosting with urgent ticket support to resolve your incidents.

Is your website not as you would like? Do you want to modify any part or receive support from a WordPress expert? You can also have the team of expert WordPress developers from App Design through premium support, where you will pay for the work done.

8. Migrate my WordPress website to another hosting

Include the migration of your website, wherever it is. We will migrate your website from one hosting provider to another web-hosting free.

9. Backups for your WordPress website

The safest way to back up your website with WordPress is outside the server. If you have a problem with your site, you will not be able to restore backups from your WordPress panel. If the error occurs on the server, it will not be possible to perform a restoration either. Therefore, the solution is through a cloud service outside the server such as Google Drive, automate your free backups.

10. Installation of free SSL Certificates for WordPress

As you know, it is mandatory to have a certificate for your website if you have a user registration or contact form where you collect data from your customers.

Now you can install your SSL certificate on your WordPress website in one click. Install your SSL certificate easily and securely through your control panel, without the need for an expert.

11. The best cheap Cloud for WordPress

We offer to upload your WordPress website through the Amazon or Google Cloud network through CDN. Perfect for optimizing loading speed for web pages in multiple languages, reducing web loading time through the world's most powerful Cloud.

At a low cost since you will not pay for Cloud servers, we use our own server to spread a cache throughout the world with the Amazon AWS CDN network and Google GCP.

Join a trusted hosting company. Demand an updated hosting service for your website. The best web hosting is flexible and scalable for your WordPress projects.

best wordpress hosting
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