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We design project management software for companies and freelances

Custom software development. We have developed systems for custom project managers for companies.

Agile Project Management design for companies

We develop custom project management platforms for companies and freelancers.

Track your projects, improve the efficiency of your company with better control. We create Web applications to manage your projects.

Among the possibilities offered by content managers, we find:

  • Creation and assignment of projects to customers and workers.
  • Task assignment to groups or projects.
  • Project Progress, keep track of your work.
  • Support tickets for your customers
  • Online billing and payments for your customers
  • Messages for assigned agents and clients.
  • Recurring payments for your users
  • Budget Manager.
project manager for companies

We create project managers: What functions does a project manager have?

We use one of the best content manager tools for companies. Our Project Management service includes the creation of a CRM Full specialized for freelancers, small businesses or work remotely. Manage your projects and clients easily.

  • Project management: Create projects, allocate time for each project, associate the agents that will work on each project.
  • Customer Management and Billing: Having a database to consult, facilitates the efficiency of your company. Manage customers and assign the services they can pay directly from the platform, generating invoices to customers and recurring payments for their services.
  • Services and support: Project management does not end with the associated products, once finished, you can assign a ticket support and offer your extra services through your Project Manager platform.
project manager development

The best Project Management for Freelancers and remote workers

The projects have a limited time frame. The efficient management through Agile of each project, guarantees the completion of individual tasks and the entire project on time, which improves the conversion of the company.

Cost tracking is useful for small business projects, since the company has limited financial resources. Project management software may include cost control functions. For freelancers and remote workers, also called digital nomads, it can be more transparent and efficient to track costs through our CRM platform to manage projects.

Whether you are a graphic designer, an architect, you work in digital marketing or work remotely, you need a project manager to manage invoices, jobs and projects. We have the best Project Management for freelances.

Feel free to contact us at any time! We will study your needs in a personalized way.

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