SEO positioning of web pages in search engines

SEO positioning services for companies

SEO Positioning Services for companies

Phase 1

  1. Previous study of the website.
  2. Domain verification (SPAM, IP penalties ...).
  3. Localization of content problems (optimization, duplicates ...).
  4. Analysis and optimization of keywords (keywords).
  5. Analysis and web optimization (sitemaps, links, robots, meta tags).
  6. Analysis of external factors.
  7. Web performance analysis and improvement.
  8. Sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

Delivery of a single complete report in two months.

Minimum residence time: 6 months.

Phase 2

  1. Monitoring and solving problems with our webmaster tools.
  2. Maintenance of the SEO positioning generated.
  3. Statistics of the traffic generated in organic searches.
  4. General statistics and traffic evolution.

Delivery of a report every two months.

Price from € 150 per month

The prices will be estimated according to the size of the project, type of company (corporate or online store) and system on which it would work (wordpress or prestashop).

SEO Positioning Company

Work, constancy & results

Get to know our working system.


Study of the business sector and competition.


Study of keywords, competition and target market.

Web page

Optimization of the website. Bug tracking and troubleshooting.


The client asked us to improve the positioning of his wholesale electronics and computer company. He left us a description and some of the competing companies. The web was completely disappeared from search engines, so we looked for the main problems that came from having a totally outdated web design.

After analyzing the website, we realized that it was a very recent domain, with less than 1 year of use and with many flaws in the structure of web design and that it was penalized by Google. So we had to carry out a strategy to renew the complete web design, improve content and keywords.

Once the complete study and the proposal of all the points to improve on said website were carried out, the client confirmed the work. Each company with which we work requires a totally personalized assistance since each web page requires a different strategy.

Website renewal

We started by removing the entire structure of the web page that was totally obsolete, google gives priority to updated designs. The simple fact of moving from a static website, which did not adapt to mobile devices and tablets to the new design with a responsive structure, was one of the key points, in addition to the construction of new functions, previously non-existent (sitemaps, robots, links friendly optimized for seo, performance improvement and web loading speed ...) on the old-fashioned web.

Once the website is finished, we will carry out a study of the content.

Content optimization

After registering the website in our SEO tools for webmasters, we carry out analyzes and content writing for SEO-optimized web pages. We encountered a serious duplicate content problem, our client had copied and pasted the same content into a multitude of company directories to publicize their services.

Search engines penalized such duplicate content, so we opted to rewrite all content on the front page, which we improved once the client submitted it, introducing new keyword strategies that potential clients were looking for and had little competition. For example, we eliminated the most repeated keyword, “computer wholesaler”, this keyword had very high competition, competing with wholesale companies with domains over 30 years old, it was practically impossible.

Instead, we launched new strategies and keywords that we have come to position on the front page as "mobile provider", "tablet provider" ..., increasing visits by more than 500% and the number of users they had. They went from registering 1 user every 3 days, to an average of 4 daily users today, within a period of 2 years. At the end of the article we leave you the keywords where our client continues to appear on the first page and they will continue to appear since, thanks to the good results, they signed 5 more years with us to maintain the monthly position.

Content optimization services

Available in AppDesign two phases of SEO and Positioning web in search engines, we carry your Web to first positions in the search engines. We give the possibility of buying two pack of positioning according to your needs Web page.

Do not hesitate to ask us about the service, we will do a detailed SEO and Positioning study and we will deliver it to you once it is finished, you will begin to check the good results in a period of 6 to 12 months.

Learn more about SEO and Search Engine Optimization

SEO it means "Search Engine Optimization" The positioning It is the process of getting "free", "organic", "editorial" or "natural" traffic listed on search engines. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have these results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local ads are displayed and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment doesn't matter, as it does with paid search ads.

SEO positioning for web pages

Our AppDesign agency works with WordPress to create pages webs with optimized structures for seo and positioning in the most important search engines in the network, being able to reach all the target audience that is looking for your services or products, whether through a blog, store or company ...

Tips for beginners on web positioning

For more basic, but also in-depth advice, our Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors, shown below, is an introduction to all the key concepts you need to know:

Search engine optimization and web positioning guide

SEO positioning factors
Information provided by


As curious of the sector and the great importance of the positioning that our website has, we focus on basic aspects when it comes to positioning a website well, in a basic and simple way. Explain the classification factors in more depth, in a tutorial with tips and recommendations for their application. The links we take into account when creating and modifying the web code are shown in the guide below (start at the beginning, and each page will take you to the next one):

  • Introduction: Search Engine Land Guide To SEO
  • Chapter 1: Search Engine Types Ranking Factors
  • Chapter 2: Content and search engine Ranking factors
  • Chapter 3: HTML Code and Search Engine Ranking Factors
  • Chapter 4: Architecture site and search engine Ranking factors
  • Chapter 5: Link Building and Search Engine Positioning
  • Chapter 6: Social Media and ranking in search results
  • Chapter 7: Trust, Authority and Search Rankings
  • Chapter 8: Personalization and search engine positioning
  • Chapter 9: penalties and spam search engine Penalties
  • Chapter 10: Engine crash and search results

SEO Resources with which we learn and improve every day

There are a number of blogs and forums that focus heavily on the topics of SEO, including: aimClear, Blogstorm, Bruce Clay Blog, David Naylor, Eric Sala, Fuego Horse Trail, John Andrews,  Matt Cutts, Michael Gray, Mikkel deMib Svendsen, nine in blue, Frankish Media, Search Cowboys,  Search Engine Guide, Daily Search Engine, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Clock, Sebastian Brochures, SEOmoz, SEOoptimize, SEO By The Sea, Drafting SEO, SEO Gadget, Piedra Temple, El Spiel Enlace, WebProNews and WebmasterWorld.

These are many of the reference websites on SEO positioning issues, most logically in English, yet we improve and learn day by day to offer our clients the best positioning for their company or online business.

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