Remove virus from my website

remove virus website

Thanks to a new member security expert website that has joined our company AppDesgin, we have web and app security. Computer security services especially for remove viruses, malware, spam, blacklisted or web blockingjavascript malicious, iframes malicious of your infected web page.

Check your website at VirusTotal and Happened.

Security services and maintenance of web pages for companies

If you have content that you don't want to lose and it depends on you Web page which is suddenly infected by malware, It can mean to you or your company, a great economic loss and a real headache. No one enters a website that is marked as "dangerous". So at the time of hiring, we immediately worked on remove any virus, having your website available in the shortest possible time.

We include web security services and server maintenance, as well as the possibility of blocking the entrance to your website if they are connected from another computer with a different IP address (Optional).

Safety Report on web pages:

Malicious Javascript.
Malicious IFrames.
Drive-By Downloads.
Anomaly detection. 
IE-only the attacks.
Suspicious redirects.   

Send us your Web page and we clean it of everything virus you have, service included for the domain for a period of one year. Send us all information to be able to work with it in the form of: Contact.

Once the order is placed, the technician will repair your website and domain in 24/48 hours. Your website will have our protection for one year to ensure that it does not happen again and to guarantee that this virus is completely eliminated.

remove virus website
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