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real estate app design

We present one of the most complete web designs created by our company in the real estate sector. It is a website for a real estate synchronized with the mobile application in real time for Android and iOS. Automatic synchronization of real estate in applications.

The 3-part coast project:

Real estate website linked to an App

This first part consists of a personalized web page for a real estate and real estate management. The client can update the properties from the control panel of the website.

Mobile application design for real estate

As you can see in the design, the website is quite complete, some of the features available to the app:

  1. Access to the control panel to manage the web.
  2. Filtering of properties such as location, size, type of property (flats, apartments, villas, houses ...), price.
  3. System to configure Sale or Rent of real estate. Both allowed on the website.
  4. Personalized page for each apartment uploaded to the web.
  5. Floor upload system for registered users, as administrator you can manage these users.
  6. Payment system implementation via Paypal for registered users.
  7. Search by custom map, filter all properties published on an internal map of the web, via Google Maps.
  8. Synchronization all properties in the App, for Android and iOS.

One of the most complete and current real estate management web designs on the market, this website is built in Bootstrap 3, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Its clean and simple design will increase the image of your company.

For the mobile application, it will be developed for the Android and iOS platform. With the latest systems of Ionic native application development.

Mobile application development for real estate management

For this point, we focus on creating a app functional for smartphones It automatically synchronizes the properties of the website, so you will not have to constantly update the app. Publish, delete or update any property and it will be reflected in real time in the apps.

You can compete in one of the fastest growing markets. The download of apps grows 200% annually, be the first to position your sales or rental agency in the AppStore or Google Play.

The development of mobile applications increases its presence day by day. According to Google statistics, users will stop accessing web pages to navigate exclusively through apps, therefore, in our application design company, we innovate and learn every day, being at the forefront of the latest trends in app programming .

If you want to develop your project with us or solve any doubt, our professional team of programmers will be at your disposal to offer you budget and advice:

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