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Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on December 12, 2017

Apps, web and eCommerce development services

AppDesign, works with companies to offer web development services, creation of multi-platform applications, eCommerce servicesThe following are some of the most important features of the software: function programming, modules, hosting, custom programming with white label in your company.

Reseller hosting, development and design of white label websites

Web development and programming services

Reseller & White Label for companies

White Label Hosting Reseller

We create your service of customised hosting It includes user control panels, online payment systems, custom hosting packages, VPS, dedicated servers, domain registration and other services. Available at Plesk o Cpanel with server linux.

Custom design

We do all kinds of customised websites for your customers whether they are corporate or online stores. Development and programming of fully customized web designsFor those who need a demanding development without limits, we have programmers and web designers who will realize your idea from scratch.


PHP Functions and Custom Software

Custom php function programming and custom software developmentWe create all kinds of custom features for our resellers and white-label resellers, connecting to real-time product or feature APIs, intranet, extranet, erp, crm, management and administration programs. Example calculator.


Hybrid and Native Apps

Creating hybrid and native applications for our partner companies. Simple or custom application development, with programming and real-time data connection of products for your online store or services and statistics. We create specific functions within the App.


Ecommerce Solutions

Create online stores with internal management systems to manage products, orders, customers, shipping and payments. Your complete ecommerce platform with shopping cart, SSL Certificate installation, creation of modules or custom functions within the online store. Creation of ERP and CRM systems for your management.


Web Design

Construction of corporate websites or simple online stores at low pricesIt is the tool with which our partner companies have the highest profit margin. We create the web design based on CMS totally updated to 2017 at low cost, you can increase a 40% to your customers the cost of the web project.


What is the white label for your company?

If you have a company and want to offer web development and design services as if they were your own, this is your option. You can offer our services through your company with our private label.

Even if we do all the work, whether website design, mobile applications or custom development, hosting or serversIf your client does not know our company, you can invoice him directly and we will invoice you, so your client will not know us.

Below is an example of the steps we will take.


Steps and working method

1. Budget estimation

The partner company will pass on the details we need to make a quote on your client's project.

2. Confirmation and start-up

After the Ok of our client we will start developing the proposal. At this point we will contact the company or final client, always contacting the final client in the name of our affiliated company, through a corporate email provided by the reseller. All contact with the final client will remain anonymous.

3. Review and correction

After finishing the project, we will enable the web page for a revision by the client and correction of errors. After the ok, we will send all the keys to the partner company and we will finish the web development.

4. Invoicing

We will invoice only the reseller company and this to its final customer, so your customer will never know the final price or the existence of subcontracting on our part.

5. Maintenance and extension of php functions

If needed, we manage servers and web maintenance packs for your customers. Also extensions on already made websites, creating an independent budget your customer can always grow and improve the website, programming of php, html or css functions, connection to API or excel for synchronization of products in your online store, the step to an app.

Contact our team of programmers and designers.

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