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What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App, also known as PWA, is the best way to create a mobile app from web applications to load faster and with greater performance.

In short, the Progressive Web App These are web pages that use recent web standards to allow web to app conversion. It offers a user experience similar to the native application for users. The most famous example of this type of apps is Twitter, which recently launched as a PWA created with React Native and Node.js.

Here are some success stories of the main Progressive Web Applications according to PWA statistics, a website that provides statistical data by app developers in PWA.

  • The size of the files Bookmyshow PWA It is 54 times smaller than its Android application and 108 times smaller than its iOS application.
  • The performance of Uber PWA It takes 3 seconds to load on the 2G network and occupies 50k in gzip.
  • Trivago increased by 150% people who add their PWA to your home screen by increasing the clicks to hotel offers by 97%.
  • The tinder loading time is reduced to 4.69 seconds in your PWA from 11.91 seconds of the app on Android.
Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App examples

Progressive web applications are being adapted by large companies. As a result, their increasing popularity will lead to PWA becoming the future of Web applications.

  • Twitter: Use a PWA through its page.
  • Aliexpresss: Assemble your complete e-commerce system in PWA.
  • Starbucks: one of the PWA with the best user experience.
  • Lancome: one of the best stores with PWA.
  • BBVA: one of the best examples of PWA in Fintech.
  • joins the PWA for blog and news websites.
  • Workopolis with one of the highest scores in PWA optimization.
Progressive Web App PWA examples

Progressive Web App with React JS

We have developed progressive applications with WordPress and Prestashop. For custom developments we create PWA with React. We adapt to your needs. Our development company with Gatsby JS It will guide you according to your needs.

If you want to improve your mobile web experience, we can develop a reliable, fast and lightweight progressive web application for your company. App Design provides web application development services with expert developers using the latest JavaScript technologies such as AngularJS, React.js and Vue.js. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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