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At AppDesign. we are experts in Prestashop 1.7.x. After several tests with the beta we already have the official theme of the expected eCommerce version, if we need to set up your online store we will help you. We have the necessary experience to give Web maintenance of online stores with Prestashop in any version.

The official version was launched on November 8, 2016. Being partners and registered users they sent us the direct link before publishing it on the web, I leave the link from where you can download the new version:

In our case we take the opportunity to mount the latest version of PHP 7, pioneer in developing ultra fast loading systems for last generation web pages. You can see the demo in the link that we leave below at all.

Maintenance company with Prestashop

  1. Usability with the end customer. The most important thing to create an online store is to sell and in Prestashop they know it. That is why they have improved and greatly the system of steps to place an order, simplifying this point to the maximum you will not lose more customers with the cumbersome and slow 7-step systems, this we already changed manually in previous versions: Steps to place an order in Prestashop 1.7:
    Our personalized system of steps for payments in Prestashop:
  2. Simplicity in design. When analyzing the code, we have seen a substantial improvement with the other versions. This will make it compatible and work better in the future when linking different modules.
  3. performance. The performance has improved with respect to the previous version, we have carried out tests comparing the same store in a 1.6 version, the improvement of the online store's load has been slight, improving the loading time by almost 0.2. What has caught our attention the most has been the improvement when mounting the PHP 7 system, since the web load from a neutral server has dropped from 2.5 seconds to almost less than one second, so it is an improvement to have in mind.Our load test comes to download the entire website in 0.8 seconds, a spectacular time.

Video presentation of the Prestashop 1.7 Front Office

Link to the test website Prestashop 1.7 mounted on PHP 7:

Check budget to manage and create your eCommerce system Complete with Prestashop. We also offer development of apps synchronized with Prestashop.

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