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About the project

At App Design, we are proud to present one of our most recent and exciting projects: the development of a mobility application for the rental of electric scooters in the main cities of Spain, such as Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid.

Project Objective

The project is in the investment phase, so the client requested a first prototype and technical documentation to attract investors. At this point we advise and advise our clients to present their project to potential investors, also creating a MVP.

Project Description

To meet these objectives, we developed an intuitive and modern application with the following key features:

  1. Friendly User InterfaceWe designed a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, optimized for both iOS and Android. Users can find available scooters near their location with just a few taps.
  2. Interactive MapWe implemented an interactive map that shows the real-time location of available scooters, as well as designated charging stations and parking areas.
  3. Registration and User ProfileThe application allows users to easily register using their email or social networks, and manage their profile, including payment information and travel history.
  4. Secure Payment SystemWe integrate multiple secure payment methods, allowing users to pay for their trips quickly and reliably.
  5. Scooter ManagementUsers can scan the QR code on a scooter to unlock it and start their trip. Once the trip is completed, they can leave the scooter at any permitted location within the city.
  6. Notifications and SupportWe implemented a push notification system to keep users informed about promotions, application updates and important alerts. In addition, the app has a support section and FAQs to answer any questions.
  7. Administration panelReal-time management of orders, customers and scooters.
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Payment system for reservation

Administration panel

Panel for mobility app

Technology Used

  • Prototyping: UX UI Design with Figma.
  • Frontend: React Native for a native experience on iOS and Android.
  • Backend: Node.js and Express for efficient management of requests and communication with the database.
  • DatabaseMongoDB for storing user, skateboard and transaction data.
  • IntegrationsGoogle Maps APIs for geolocation and payment services such as Stripe for transaction management.

Mobility App

App development company

Project in the investor approval phase for financing and start-up.

If you are looking for an app development agency that can take your idea to the next level, contact our team to create your project.
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