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Website maintenance

Website maintenance company. We carry out web maintenance for your company created with WordPress and Wocommerce. Our web design agency will give you advice to improve your website.

We perform all kinds of website maintenance for companies. We manage the contents of your website. We create competitive online marketing strategies. We redesign and update your website. Updates and constant security.

WordPress web maintenance company

Being one of the main managers of web pages. WordPress is ranked number one in number of web pages created. The CMS is characterized by the ease of work for web developers. Content creation quickly, unlike other systems of custom programming from web pages with ux ui.

From our beginnings we have developed web pages with this cms, being a expert wordpress agency.

Based on the latest web maintenance services, where we learn and improve every day with our clients.

Web maintenance price: WordPress

The cost of web maintenance is determined by the needs of each client. We tailor ourselves to website maintenance. We do updating and improving internet security.

We start from a base web maintenance price of € 90 per month. Monitoring of websites in real time, installing current web security and maintenance systems. Starting from the base price, we study each company to offer an adjusted maintenance service.

Our web design company to maintain your website. Performing web maintenance in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico, Colombia or any other Spanish-speaking place. Agency without limit when it comes to working on web page design. Consult your needs to advise you personally. We will give you a personalized price.

Website maintenance for companies

Maintenance agency for e-commerce systems with WordPress and Woocommerce. Everything you need to keep your online store updated. If you do not have time to manage your store, we are your agency !.

Our expert web designers They will guide you solving your main problems. In addition to being able to create content, we can carry out programming and web development tasks.

If you are starting with your company and need marketing advice. We will give you all the necessary steps to increase your search engine visibility. We perform SEO positioning in search engines.

What do we include in our website maintenance service?

Inform you that each web maintenance services starts from a minimum limit that allows us to constantly monitor it. This limit is based on the main functions that we see as essential when managing a website. After this, we base ourselves on the needs of each client, adjusting the price.

Our company offers an annual maintenance service to solve problems that may arise on the page such as VIRUS, HACKERS, SPAM, falls on the page. Updating and cleaning in case of noticing serious operating problems.

The base maintenance service includes:

  • Backup, saved daily and linked to Google Drive.
  • Review of the page and its correct operation.
  • Installation of a detection and blocking system for security attacks.
  • Correction of undetected problems in development. In case we design the website.
  • Personalized support. Does not include expansion of functions on the web. It will be implemented in a personalized budget in case you need to publish content.
  • Weekly limit as agreed.
  • Constant updating of content managers and plugins. Web compatibility check against errors.

Web maintenance fees

Check with our company to make a custom quote for your website. Make a personalized consultation to our team through the contact form.

We also offer personalized maintenance for any type of web project and according to the hours you need, to request a budget, contact us through our form:

Any other service such as content creation, social media management, publication of pages or creation of web functions will be separately budgeted.

Website maintenance
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