Mobile app development with Ionic

Oliver - Updated on July 2, 2019

Ionic Framework, is the best open source system for creating hybrid mobile applications that look native. AppDesign,It's the best. application development agency to create multi-platform apps.


Ionic is the most widely used open source SDK framework for develop mobile apps in native code and professional creation of Progressive Web App multiplatform for corporate companies.

Creating mobile applications with Ionic Framework

Do you know how to build websites for mobile applications? Then you know how to create mobile applications. Ionic Framework offers the best web and native application components for creation of native web applications highly interactive and progressive with native functions.

ionic app development
  • Free and Open Source Software

    Ionic Framework is a free and open source 100% project, licensed under MIT. It will always remain free to use, driven by a massive global community.

  • Multi-platform development

    Build native progressive and mobile web applications for each major application store, with a code base. Ionic works and looks beautiful wherever it runs.

  • Native plugins for main functions

    Use over 120 functions for native devices such as Bluetooth, HealthKit, Touch Fingerprint Authentication and more with add-ons Cordova, PhoneGap and TypeScript extensions.

  • First-class documentation

    Built with real-world application examples, component demonstrations, guides and hands-on procedures to get you up and running with mobile applications faster than ever.

Ionic, is the mobile application creation framework that allows you to create web applications on Android and iPhone for all sectors. And with the continuity of the multiplatform based Ionic, your application looks and feels like home on all devices.

  • High Performance

    Speed is so important, you only notice it when it's not there. Ionic is designed to work and perform optimally on the latest mobile devices with best practices such as efficient hardware transitions and optimized touch gestures. Trust us, you'll be impressed.

  • Beautifully designed

    Clean, simple and functional. Ionic is designed to work and display beautifully on all of today's mobile devices and platforms. With the components already prepared, the typography and a beautiful base theme (although extensible) that adapts to each platform, it will be built with style.

  • Native and web optimized

    Ionic emulates native application user interface guidelines and uses native SDKs, combining user interface standards and native application device features with all the power and flexibility of the open web. Ionic uses Cordova or Phonegap to deploy natively or runs in the browser as a progressive web application.

A complete mobile toolkit, built for web developers

Everything you need to start creating fully functional mobile applications in minutes.

  • A simple CLI to create, build, test and deploy your Ionic applications on any platform. It's like magic, but no.
  • Ionic Native unlocks the native APIs and functions when wrapping Cordova plugins in the goodness of TypeScript.
  • Live Reload because to compile and reassign your application at each step of development is for chumps.
  • Ionicons icon pack includes hundreds of the most common application icons. MIT licensed, and ready out of the box.
  • Deeplinking allows you to start your application from a web link to load a specific view from the beginning.
  • AoT compilation means that your application loads quickly.
  • World Wide Slack is always full of tons of ionic developers.
  • Community Forum is ideal for sharing and getting help.
  • StackOverflow is full of help for common questions.
  • GitHub is the best place to present problems and contribute.

The best application development services with Ionic for companies and programming agencies. Contact a team of expert apps, using Ionic's hybrid technology.

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