Improving web speed and user experience: Core Vitals

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on March 29, 2020

In our agency App DesignWe have experience in optimize the speed of loading web pages We have learned so much, that we guarantee the improvement of web speed in a 20%, if not, we do not charge our services, that's it.

We are currently improving the Core Vitals positioning factors for our clients. The improvement of user experience and web speed with the improvement of Core Vitals factors improve SEO positioning.

Which codes load a web page the fastest?

We started from several real studies, made to many of our customers based on the programming code they mount on their websites. We have analyzed and classified, the load speed time with an equal estimation of resources. These are the results:

  1. Development with Gatsby With React JS, without a doubt the most efficient programming system, both in terms of loading speed and SEO optimization, since it allows, through modules, to optimize our website. Average speed of a landing page: 0.3 seconds.
  2. Development with Angular, One of the most used programming systems for web pages with large databases, optimizes the loading time with the request of requests to a database. The average speed of a landing page: 0.35 seconds.
  3. Development with React JS, Optimize your website with Javascript code. Also used for the development of hybrid applications. Average speed of a landing page: 0.4 seconds.
  4. WordPress Web Developer, With WordPress, the web pages created with WordPress are part of the 80% of the websites on the internet, they are not the most optimized but with a WordPress expert we can get good results, the following points will be based on a website developed with WordPressAverage speed of a landing page: 0.8 seconds
  5. Drupal web development, Thanks to its latest version, they have achieved an excellent loading speed for projects done with Drupal. Average speed of a landing page: 1 second.
  6. Prestashop, Joomla, Magento... are lagging behind in terms of resources used to move the web. We will need a high performance cloud hosting to achieve good results. Average speed of a landing page: 2 seconds.

Why improve the speed of our website?

Now that we know the programming systems and the loading speed for our website, let's look at the reasons to work on improving our loading speed constantly.

It's that clear, the speed of a website makes more customer conversionsThere is no point in having an online store that takes more than 3 seconds to load. No matter how nice it is or how well programmed it is, this loading time will cause your customers to leave without even seeing the product or service for sale. It is estimated that a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load loses more than the 50% of conversions.

The reason why we are constantly improving our web speed is the user experience. Giving our users a quality service is based on the speed of response of both our support and the website.

Our goal for companies who ask us to improve the speed of their website, is to go down from 2 seconds to the home page.

Servers optimized for web load speed

Yes, as you may have noticed, it is useless to have a super optimized web to load fast if our hosting is not good. 50% of the work is taken by the server we have hired.

Next we will differentiate the 3 types of servers that there are and the one that we have mounted that gives us an unbeatable performance.

  1. Shared Hosting: If you have a shared ip server, you will have a space on the server that is shared with more than a thousand clients, which makes it very inefficient and unpredictable in terms of failures, both in performance and in emails. If you believe in your project, never mount your project based on this type of server, we only recommend it for testing and trials.

    Estimated cost: 50-150 euros per year. Performance on a landing page: + 4 seconds (unpredictable peaks).
  2. Dedicated Server: Our option, we have mounted and configured a dedicated server for our projects, mounting 32 GB of ram and 500 GB of space fully managed, which means that all resources go to our projects.

    Estimated cost: 150-500 euros per month. Performance on a landing page: less than 2 seconds (stable).
  3. Cloud Server: For international projects and customers around the world, you need your server to load in different points, a solution that gets a cloud server unlike the dedicated one. For these cloud server services we rely on a cloud services company professionals.

    Estimated cost: 200 -1500 USD per month. Performance on a landing page: less than 1 second (very stable).

    *Our project solves this internationalization problem for a website by mounting an AWS CDN on the dedicated server, which we can configure for your website.

We have a team of professionals in web page performance by installing servers:

Tools for measuring web speed

The tools to measure the loading speed of a web page are the main tools we use to improve the performance of our clients' web pages.

  1. Pingdom ToolsThe Internet Explorer: a perfect tool to know the loading time of your website anonymously and without depending on your internet connection.
  2. Webpagetest: The "S" and "T" are the same as above, but in this case it loads your website three times and creates an average.
  3. GTMetrix: One of the most powerful for resource load analysis and web optimization.
  4. Google PageSpeed: Web speed analysis: analyzes web speed on both desktop and mobile, giving recommendations to improve your performance.

Examples of web speed improvement

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we will leave you the example of our own website., In a first phase, we have optimized the code using our web speed optimization tools. After improving all the code in our page created with WordPress, we've gone from 2.5 seconds to 0.5 secondsThe system has been optimised with a degree of 95 in Pingdom Tools.

improve web load speed

And an improved score on WordPress for Google Pagespeed, from 20 points to 90 for desktop and from 10 to 83 for the mobile version, which for a WordPress developed website is unbeatable.

improve pagespeed with wordpress

Don't stop consult with experts in improving web performance, If you have a good idea, you will save time and resources that are very valuable today, let us advise you and improve the user experience to achieve more conversions in the long term.

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