Human Resource Software Development

We design human resources software for companies which allows for an unlimited number of employees and administrative users.

In our creation of human resources systems, we have developed platforms for human resources management for companies (HR-SAAS).

Human Resources Software for Companies

In addition, you will control the HR management for your company. You will have access to three different levels of administration: main administrator, employee and super administrator.

Track your employees, and improve the efficiency of your company with better control of your company's employees. We are the leaders in internal systems for companies, developing CRM systems, platform design for project managers and intranet systems for companies.

Among the solutions offered to human resources managers are:

  • Employee Control: organize the management of your company’s employees.
  • Department Administration: creating the departments you need.
  • Cheecking costs: keep track of your expenses.
  • Employee of the month and vacation management: extra functions for your human resources system.
  • Recruitment Management for your employees
  • Messages for between managers and employees.
  • Billing for human resources software.
Human resources management

We create HR management systems in the cloud

We use one of the best tools to manage your company's employees. Our employee management service includes the creation of a software which is totally specialized for companies. It manages recruitment, costs, expenses, available jobs, and vacations easily.

  • Administration: Create departments, assign employees and agents for system management.
  • Super administrator: Employee management with administration limits.
  • Employees: Track your attendance on the calendar, view your permits, check the latest notices on the bulletin board, view upcoming holidays and birthdays, download your monthly payslip.
human resources system for companies

Human resources management

A complete solution for management services SAAS human resources is offered with our platforms. More than 10,000 companies around the world trust our human resources system. Most companies nowadays need human resources management systems. Companies like Randstad manage these resources for other companies, and have become one of the largest in the world today.

Feel free to contact us at any time! We will tailor your product according to your needs.

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